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Are You The “Credit Card Friend”? Woman Explains Why She’ll Never Offer To Pay For Her Friends Again. – ‘I am stuck with $200 plus of the tax and the tip.’

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@kenza_hall

This is an all too familiar happening for a lot of us.

You’re out for dinner with friends and then you end up stuck with the credit card bill!

This is a complete nightmare scenario. You want to be a cool friend but then, you are the one who’s got to chase people round who owe you money. Hardly the situation anyone wants to be in.

So, @kenza_hall has put a firm “hell naw” on ever being THAT friend ever again. And I reckon a lot of people will be in agreement.

Credit1 Are You The Credit Card Friend? Woman Explains Why Shell Never Offer To Pay For Her Friends Again.   I am stuck with $200 plus of the tax and the tip.

She said: “I will never, ever, ever cover the tab for a group of more than three of my closest friends. Because listen, anytime it’s just been me and one other friend, two other friends, maybe like a few girlfriends, and we’re like we’ll split evenly. It works out great. But as soon as you get to that mixed group of people at the dinner table, all of a sudden no one carries a card with them. No one has it.”

Maybe that’s the time to say your card got lost in the taxicab on the way to the restaurant!

Source: TikTok/@kenza_hall

She continued to tell her tale: “I am not the credit card friend… So what happened in college was we all went to dinner… We ordered drinks, we order food. It was like literally six of us and mind you, I don’t talk to a single person from that group to this day, and that’s what irks my soul. So dinner ends and the waiters only do a two way switch. So everyone’s just like ‘How are we gonna split this what we gonna do?’.”

Our girl fronts and pays for the bill.

“You know what? I have a credit card… You guys send me the money after. Boom. So I paid for the bill.”

Source: TikTok/@kenza_hall

Good friend bonus points right there, surely?

Well… No.

But then as the payments dribbled in, there was only the basic menu payments being made. There was NO TIP and NO TAX being paid by her ‘friends.’ Aaaah.

Source: TikTok/@kenza_hall

She said: “I should have literally been like ‘No one leaves this restaurant until I get my money.’ Do you know how much tax and tip is on a $600 tab? So I’m like, Oh my God, they’re gonna send me the menu amount. That’s also something that irks my soul is when people don’t send you tax and tips. So, now I literally will calculate it… But anyways, so eventually everyone except for one person, who to this day has not paid me back, but whatever.”

Source: TikTok/@kenza_hall

“I am stuck with $200 plus of the tax and the tip and I never got that back and I will never, ever, ever put my credit card down in a group setting ever again…”

All I can say is I TIP my hat to this woman! She knows what’s right.

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Here’s what people thought of the credit card controversy!

Yeah, like how could you look yourself in the mirror!

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Her skin DOES look good – but that ain’t the topic. Lol.

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This could be the answer y’all!! Choose the more understanding restaurant.

Source: TikTok/@kenza_hall

Yes fam… let the technology do it for you!

Don’t ever get stuck holding that bag!