December 6, 2023 at 9:42 pm

Boss Wanted An In-Person Presentation Even Though Traffic Was Horrible, So Employee Complied And Put Boss In A Tough Spot

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@5tep5

Some bosses just don’t want to listen to reason

And you’re going to read about one of them in just a minute!

But the person who wrote this story on Reddit knew what they were doing and all they could do was agree with their boss and let the whole thing blow up in his face.

Boss insisted I work in the office today.

“My boss and I had a disagreement about working from home this week. The office is in San Francisco. I live in the East Bay and need to cross the Bay Bridge to get to work.

They tried to reason with their boss.

We had an important presentation scheduled today. I wanted to do it “virtual” because the APEC meeting is in SF this week and everything seems disrupted. President Biden and Chinese President Xi are here. It’s a 2 hour commute on a typical day and I told my boss it might not be feasible to come in this week.

He insisted I come in, so I said OK but don’t blame me if I get stuck in traffic. We had a pretty heated discussion about it.

And, wouldn’t you know it, they were right all along!

So today there’s a huge backup on every freeway toward the Bay Bridge because protesters have chained themselves across all 5 lanes. The bridge is completely closed.

Now the boss wants me to do the presentation “virtual” but I told him I can’t, I’m stuck in traffic. I can’t operate my vehicle and do the presentation. You will have to do it without me (but he isn’t really qualified).”

And now it’s time to see how folks reacted on Reddit.

This person stated the obvious.

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Another reader agreed.

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One Reddit user said this reminds them of someone…

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This person has dealt with bosses like this before.

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And one reader offered a solution that the boss could’ve come up with.

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Some people just don’t listen…

Probably didn’t look too good for the boss!