December 19, 2023 at 1:26 am

Can Boiling Flaxseeds In Water Give You A DIY Botox Treatment? This Woman Claims It Does.

by Chris Allen

Source: TikTok/@dreabuer

What in the backroom life-hack science experiment? Flax seed + H2O?

There are many products that we put on our faces in our daily search for that fountain of youth. But one woman on TikTok is delving into a more…financially reasonable method.

And it’s as simple as it gets!

Source: TikTok/@dreabuer

The stitched story shows her mixing & creating the first batch, which involves boiling the flax seeds in water.

Source: TikTok/@dreabuer

Then you let it cool so you get this goopy, clear gel that has the consistency of egg whites.

Source: TikTok/@dreabuer

She explains how skeptical she was of its efficacy, and that she really does not want to go down the Botox / chemical path.

Source: TikTok/@dreabuer

And the results are quite immediate!

She shows us a 3rd treatment’s application, and a bit of an explanation from a dermatologist of what might actually be going on.

As it’s not Botox, it’s obviously not being injected. It’s more than likely freezing and ‘training’ the facial muscles in a way.

Source: TikTok/@dreabuer

Imagine if you will a Rocky montage training video going on in her face.

Check out the video for the full story:


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Let’s see what people in the comments had to say.

One commenter remarked that this technique is also fantastic for her hair.

Source: TikTok/@dreabuer

Another discussion popped up to confirm that it’s more of a short-term treatment.

Source: TikTok/@dreabuer

While one commenter warns of a market run on Flaxseed!

Source: TikTok/@dreabuer

We sure are getting industrious out there!

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