December 11, 2023 at 4:29 pm

Co-Worker Stole Their Lunch And Went Into Anaphylactic Shock. Now Their Boss Is Trying To Make Them Pay The Hospital Bills.

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/@Peanut_Sauce_Fiasco

You’re about to read a story about why you should never, ever steal another person’s lunch…

And I’m kind of shocked that I even have to say that out loud!

Come on, people!

But you know how folks can be…

Still, did this person act like an ******* because of what happened to their lunch thief at work?

Check out the story below and see what you think.

AITA for sending my coworker into anaphylactic shock?

“I’m at a loss here guys. Realistically, I know I’m in the clear. Legally, I’m in the clear. But I’m being vilified by my coworkers, and I’m genuinely considering quitting my job because of this mess.

They found a sauce that they really love.

So I work a pretty standard day job, and at night I help my friend at her restaurant, which serves an assortment of Thai cuisine.

I’m insanely picky, but I fell in love with this peanut sauce the main chef makes, and he showed me how to make it, so about once a week I take it on either noodles or stir fry to my day job for lunch.

People know this and a handful have tried it. It smells nutty, it tastes nutty.

It’s white girl pad Thai, basically.

But there’s a problem at work…

Lately my lunches have been disappearing, or I’ll open my lunchbox to find half of my food missing. I’ve tried addressing it, but nothing has been changing, and I was pretty sure it was one of the new hires that was doing it, but had no proof. Until now.

Thursday I took my noodles, and my entire tupperware was missing, which hasn’t happened before. I’m mad, but what can I do? A coworker shared her pizza with me and that was that, until today.

The boss wanted to have a talk with them because something serious happened.

My boss confronted me and accused me of poisoning my noodles because his daughter (one of the new girls) “borrowed” my lunch and had to be hospitalized.

Turns out she’s severely allergic to nuts, ate some and boom, Anaphylaxis.

And this is all being blamed on them.

She used an epi pen, had to be hospitalized and now her dad is trying to hold me accountable for her bills and condition, but I don’t see it.

Why should I pay?

I don’t mark my food as an allergen because I’m not allergic to it, she was just dumb enough to steal from me and eat something she can’t have.

Things are now tense at work.

But he’s being a jerk, and some of my older coworkers are icing me out because I warned him I’d report any harassment to HR if he tried anything funny. Brown nosers, I guess.

My friend is aware and offered me a full time job, but I just can’t help but feel it’s unfair.

At the same time, I could have killed his daughter though.

So, AITA?”

Here’s what Reddit users had to say.

One person said they’re NTA and they need to go to Human Resources about this.

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Another individual agreed and added that they need to get in touch with a lawyer.

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This reader who has a food allergy made no bones about it: NTA.

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And one Reddit user said the woman who did this won’t ever make that mistake again.

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Be careful what you eat, folks!

We don’t want anyone getting hurt out there.