December 27, 2023 at 1:44 pm

Delivery Driver Chases Dog That Stole His Delivery And It’s Stinking Adorable

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@juicecupboxx

Dogs instinctively seem to love packages and that ain’t much fun if you’re a delivery driver.

This funny clip shows this Prime delivery driver doing his best to get the package to the customer’s door.

But an German shepherd dog, who’s just too curious for his own good, runs off with it and then tries to come in again a second time to snatch the package from the door!

Source: TikTok/@juicecupboxx

The delivery guy @juicecupboxx is too on it though and he gets after the dog and rescues that package!

Source: TikTok/@juicecupboxx

He filmed the funny moment, as he ran after the dog.

He told the dog: “Give me the package back. They’re gonna say I didn’t deliver.”

Did that work?


Source: TikTok/@juicecupboxx

During the clip, it looks like another UPS driver convinces the dog to give him the package, and then he gives it to the guy filming the video.


Source: TikTok/@juicecupboxx

He says: “I’m trying to deliver and he’s trying to steal it off the porch…I’m gonna put it inside the door where you can’t (get it.) Chill out man, you’re too hyper.”

The dog goes back again to the door to try and get the package!

Source: TikTok/@juicecupboxx

The delivery driver stops him this time, and the other driver entices the dog by throwing a stick.

Source: TikTok/@juicecupboxx

If dogs could tell what we say, this puppers would have got a kick out of this.

Watch the full funny clip here:


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Here’s what people thought to that brazen dog:

Dogs collect?!

Source: TikTok/@juicecupboxx

The cutest but cheekiest dog!

Source: TikTok/@juicecupboxx

Wasn’t that guy his owner though…

Source: TikTok/@juicecupboxx

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