December 19, 2023 at 3:25 pm

Expectant Father Cries After His Baby’s Gender Reveal And His Wife Told Him To Sleep On The Couch. – ‘I’ve been scared about turning into my dad.’

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/@ValuableBurner

This isn’t the first story I’ve seen about a soon-to-be parent who got upset because they weren’t exactly thrilled when they learned about an upcoming child’s gender.

And I guess it makes sense to have that reaction sometimes…but you and I both know that it’s going to lead to some hurt feelings.

And the guy who wrote this story on Reddit wants to know if he acted like a jerk for how he reacted when he found out the big news…

AITA for crying after my baby’s gender was revealed?

“My wife (31F) and I (30M) were having a gender reveal for our first child.

My wife doesn’t mind what gender the baby is she just wanted to get a few friends and family together for a small party and she was under the impression that I thought that too.

Neither of us were interested in doing anything big, we just had a friend to read out the letter and reveal the gender.

He really wants to have a daughter.

I didn’t tell my wife this but I was really hoping for a daughter instead of a son so when it was revealed that we’ll be having a boy it really upset me.

I didn’t want to ruin the day though so I just tried to act normal and celebrate with my wife and the family.

He broke down.

Later on after everyone had left, I was alone in our room whilst my wife was downstairs. I was sitting on the bed and just started crying.

I don’t often cry. I think it’s a waste of my time and unnecessary but I was just really panicking.

And he had good reason for wanting a daughter.

I really wanted a daughter because my dad was really bad to me and he messed me up a lot.

I’m scared that I will be the same to my son.

I don’t want to mess my son up like my dad did to me.

I’ve been scared about turning into my dad since before I met my wife, the big reason I didn’t want kids originally was in case I treated them like my dad treated me.

His wife was upset about what happened.

My wife walked in on me crying and I tried to explain why without talking about my dad much (she doesn’t know anything about what my dad was like.)

She told me that I was selfish and called me a few other things.

Then told me to sleep on the couch.

She hasn’t really been the same with me since, she’s still really annoyed.


Check out what folks had to say.

This person understood where he’s coming from.

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Another individual said crying is good for you!

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This Reddit user said he’s already ahead of the curve because of his self-awareness.

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This person said he’s NTA but he has some work to do.

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And one person said he’s kind of an ******* for not being honest with his wife about this.

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I guess he just couldn’t hold back his emotions!

Hmmmm, that’s a tough one…

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