December 26, 2023 at 11:38 am

Hallmark Channel Stole Her “13 Strangers” Story And She’s Got The Receipts To Prove It

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@thefarmbabe

We could literally count how many millions of times it feels like our lives are like something out of a movie.

As long as your life isn’t a tragedy, well, that’s the main thing! But this woman claims her real life experience has been turned into a movie and she is really quite angry.

@thefarmbabe went viral last year when she and a group of 12 complete strangers went on an inspirational road trip from Orlando to Knoxville after their flight was canceled.

She posted a video with @alanahstory21 and it received over 4 million views.

Wild right?

Here’s Inside Edition’s story about it…

It then got so much media attention but this lady claims the Hallmark channel went ahead and remade some of what took place and she feels the company should have got in touch and credited them at least. But there’s no evidence to show her claims are accurate, though she’s sure angry!

@thefarmbabe told her followers on TikTok: “So, I am legit really mad at Hallmark right now. Y’all remember about a year ago we had that story that went viral. It was me and 12 other strangers. Our flight was canceled. We rented a van and we drove from Orlando to Knoxville.”

Source: TikTok/@thefarmbabe

Apparently this story was on the front page of CNN!

Even crazier? Movie companies were contacting them!

She said: “And we were contacted by a literary agent, by Tyler Perry’s producers, by Netflix to do a documentary. All these cool things happening.”

But then… the big, horrible corporation does what big, horrible corporations do…

Source: TikTok/@thefarmbabe

She said: “Hallmark swooped in and completely stole everything we did. They stole our entire storyline all the way down to the trailer. If you watch our original videos that we did on a lot of stories, TikTok, when you watch the original video, you see me saying ‘I’m just here for the snacks.'”

Hall3 Hallmark Channel Stole Her 13 Strangers Story And Shes Got The Receipts To Prove It

That line is really important because… it was in the movie’s trailer!

She concluded: “And in the trailer. This guy’s like, ‘Oh, I’m here for the snacks.’ They literally ripped off our story, didn’t give us any credit, didn’t get our permission. Didn’t do anything to involve us. They’re literally exploiting our story. God only knows what kind of money they’re making off of it on our story without even crediting us. Hallmark, what you did was shady.”

Watch the full clip here:


Hallmark channel – you are SHADY!! They completely STOLE, ripped off & exploited our “13 strangers” story that went really viral last year. (Google it if you havent yet heard of it) @Alanah has the original videos tagged to her TikTok where “Holiday Road” by @Hallmark Channel completely stole our storyline. Please join us in telling @Hallmark Movies & Mysteries @Hallmark that using our story without credit & profit sharing is 100% MESSED UP. Hallmark – this is NOT OKAY. Rule number one when sharing someone’s story…. You ALWAYS GIVE CREDIT. Everyone in media knows this and what they did is not okay. 🤬😡😠

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The comments were turned off for this video, but she did post an open letter to Hallmark…


An open letter to Hallmark. #holidayroad #13strangers #13strangerswhobecamefriends @Hallmark Channel @Alanah #hallmarkmovie #fyp

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No comments for that video either.

According to the First Amendment allows for docudrama producers to create movies based on any living person, as long as it doesn’t violate his or her privacy or defame them.

So… I guess she’s got a bit of an uphill battle with this one.

Good luck fam!

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