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Hospital Workers Mistake Traffic Victim For A Lifeless Body After They’re Not Allowed To Remove Unnecessary Neck Brace

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@antesamarzija

This story is half serious and half funny.

Half serious because someone got hurt in a car accident and half funny because…well, you’ll see in just a minute.

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Not allowed to remove my neck brace? Ooookay!!

“Years ago I was in a bad car accident. An older man turned left in front of me at an intersection and T-boned me.

Ambulances were called, I was put on a backboard with a neck brace and brought to the hospital where I was deposited on the gurney in a hallway as there were no rooms available at that time.

They were stuck in the hospital.

I laid there for quite a while waiting to be seen. My injuries weren’t bad, basically just got banged around and bruised up so I was ok with the waiting. But I was in pain and laying on my back was very uncomfortable.

I didn’t think there was anything wrong with my neck, the only pain I felt was due to the neck brace digging into the bottom of my skull, and I reeeeeally wanted to lay in a different position, not only to alleviate some of the pain in the rest of my body (hopefully) but also because I was parked right under a light that was blaring in my eyes the whole time. So I started taking off my neck brace.

Don’t do that!

A nurse spotted me doing this and ran over very upset with me and told me I *had* to keep the neck brace on. I tried telling her my neck was fine but she was adamant that I not remove the brace until the doctor had examined me.

Which I get, I’m guessing at the very least it goes very much against protocol and at the very worst it would have been a huge liability if I took the brace off and there *was* something wrong. Plus I didn’t want to **** off the nurse or be one of *those* patients, so I begrudgingly complied even though I thought it was over the top.

There was another thing that was annoying them.

I tried to reposition myself as best I could to the least painful position, not very successfully unfortunately. However *the light* blaring directly down was driving me crazy, even when I closed my eyes!!

Finally, out of frustration, I took the blanket that was over me, pulled it up more and threw it over my head. Awwwwwwww, finally, no more light in my eyes!! BLISS!! I just laid there trying to block the pain and daydream to pass the time, wondering how long I would be there for.

And they freaked out the hospital staff!

Not too long after I hear what sounds like a bit of a commotion and someone saying something about a **** person in the hallway! I was like OMG that’s freaky!! I got that there were no rooms available but to leave a **** body just laying out for everyone to see? I thought that was uber creepy!

Suddenly, the same nurse that gave me **** about the neck brace pulls the blanket off my head, scaring the **** out of me, and she starts yelling at me that I’m NOT allowed to put the blanket over my head and what was I doing?!?!

At least this person got a kick out of it…

It was then that I realized, the **** body they were talking about was ME. Hahahahahaha I said “Oh ****! I’m so so sorry! I just wanted the light out of my eyes and I can’t move my head with the neck brace on!!” To say the nurse was not impressed would be an understatement.

But she did find a room to move me and positioned me NOT under any light, which I thanked her very much for. She just gave me a surly look and walked away. Sorry! LOL”

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