December 11, 2023 at 1:45 am

Nurse Decides To Make Something Their Boss’s Problem After They Wouldn’t Listen To Reason

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA

Reddit’s “Malicious Compliance” page can be so satisfying.

And I have a feeling that the story you’re about to read is going to make you smile from ear to ear…because we’ve all dealt with bad managers at work.

Check out how this nurse handled a situation at work with a boss who just didn’t get it.

I hope you enjoy tripping over my computer!

“Nurses for the most part, use a rolling computer that we call a “wow” (workstation on wheels.)

Normal shifts are 0700-1900, or 1900-0700. I worked at 1300-0100.

Every day when I would come in, there would be a wow pushed off to the side that didn’t work for some reason that was “saved for me” but no one had called IT for.

Our IT was great, they’d come down within half an hour unless they had a hospital wide calamity. But they don’t magically know that wow is down unless you call them.

They had a daily routine.

So every day, I would come in, drag said wow into the nurses station and call IT. It would usually take me 20-30 mins to start working because I couldn’t see any charts.

And they also had a boss that was a real pain in the neck.

My awful boss threatened to write me up for taking too long. I pointed out that I was on the phone with IT, she did nothing but still complained it took me too long to start working.

You got it, Karen.

Here you go!

I’d come in, push the offending wow into her office (that was so small the door would hit the chairs in front of her desk) and leave it. I’d be on the floor at 1300.

I wouldn’t take a patient assignment, I’d just help everyone else with their tasks. (Starting IVs, wound care, splints, etc.)

Things changed in a hurry!

Within a week, we had 3 new wows (that we were told we didn’t have the budget for) and a note about how the entire shift would be written up if she found a broken one without an IT ticket.

She was let go for many reasons after a year on the job. We did not miss her.”

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