December 18, 2023 at 8:44 am

Should You Use The Self-Cleaning Functions On Your Oven? Appliance Repair Tech Says It’s Dangerous.

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@renduh

Folks, it’s time to listen up!

Because a TikTokker named Renae has some advice that she thinks you need to hear.

Renae works as an appliance repair technician and she took to TikTok to warn folks about why she thinks the self-cleaning function on ovens is dangerous.

Renae said, “The self-clean function utilizes dangerously high temperatures” and the temps she’s referring to can get to about 900 degrees.

Source: TikTok/@renduh

Renae said these high temps “increase the risks of oven malfunctions, bodily harm, and house fire, even when used correctly.”

Source: TikTok/@renduh

Renae added that around the holidays she and other appliance techs see a lot of oven failures because people use the self-clean function more.

She went on to read some warnings from oven manuals about how things can go haywire.

Source: TikTok/@renduh

Check out her video.


The Dangers of Self Clean: Part 1! SelfClean range SelfCleaning SelfCleaningOven SelfCleaningRange DontUseSelfClean oven baking roasting HolidayBaking WomenInTrades Tradeswoman

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Here’s a previous video of Renae giving even more reasons why the self-cleaning oven function is dangerous.

Check out what she had to say.


All of the examples I listed of parts that can break are just a FEW of the ACTUAL parts I’ve had to replace on ovens damaged by self clean. This time of year is when I fix the most ovens after people run a self clean and it breaks them—trust me when I say it’s a feature NOT worth using! #LearnOnTikTok #TodayILearned #cooktop #range #stove #oven #cooking #cleaning #CleaningHacks #CleaningHacks#HowStuffWorks #LifeHack #kitchen #CleanTok #clean #WomenInTrades #Tradeswoman #SelfClean #ovenSelfClean #rangeSelfClean #fire #houseFire #fireSafety #OvenFire #StoveFire #RangeFire #Thanksgiving #Holidays #ThanksgivingDinner #ThanksgivingHack #ThanksgivingHacks #PSA #HouseFirePSA #fireSafetyPSA #ThanksgivingPSA

♬ original sound – Renae

Here’s what folks had to say.

One person said she’s fear-mongering.

Source: TikTok/@renduh

Another individual shared another way to clean your oven.

Source: TikTok/@renduh

And this TikTokker thinks manufacturers just need to get rid of them.

Source: TikTok/@renduh

Good to know!

Those things are kind of scary…

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