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Strict Teacher Learns Why Threatening High School Students Is A Bad Idea. – ‘That was her first and last year teaching there.’

by Trisha Leigh

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People might like to complain about “kids these days,” but for those of us who interact with them on a regular basis, it’s pretty clear that kids these days are doing just fine.

But also, you don’t want to cross them.

OP went to Catholic school, which meant prayer to start the day and teachers who were too strict for their own good.

I was reading through this sub and was immediately brought back to senior year of HS. I went to a Catholic school and we took a religion course every year.

My senior year it was Social Justice. Our teacher (we’ll call her P) was the absolute worst. She was brand new, extremely prejudiced, and basically hated anyone who wasn’t extremely Catholic.

His homeroom teacher had a policy of locking the door before prayer and counting anyone late who came knocking after that, even if school didn’t technically begin until after announcements.

Every morning, we had morning prayer, pledge of allegiance, and announcements before the official start of class.

P would purposely close the classroom doors and lock them so anyone who came in after prayer started would have to stand in the hallway until morning announcements are over.

They all hated it, so when a friend arrived just before prayer one day to find the door locked, they snuck him in while her eyes were closed.

On this particular morning, my friend B was speaking to a teacher before first period Social Justice. He made it right at the bell, but P had already locked the doors.

Prayer began and one of our classmates snuck over to the door and let B in.

She got angry that someone was snuck in and demanded to know who it was. When the class refused to answer, she threatened to give them all late slips as punishment.

We thought all was well until announcements ended and P starts screaming at us to tell her who was late. None of us say a peep because… snitches get stitches and end up in ditches.

P gets angrier and says “if you don’t tell me who walked in during prayer you will all go get late slips from the principal!”

They called her bluff and marched themselves down to the front office themselves.

Our entire class (about 20 kids) looked at each other and decided to comply.

We all walked downstairs and into the lobby of our school where the principal and VP offices were.

Our VP took one look at us and said “What the h*** are you all doing here?”

We told him P sent us all there to get late slips because we let B in during prayer… P considers that “late”, and none of us wanted to snitch. Plus, B was on time to school and would have been in the classroom had P not locked the doors before the bell.

The principal laughed at their stunt and sent them back to class, and the teacher was soon gone on to other pastures.

He paused and looked at us all for a bit, chuckled, and said “Get back to class”.

Needless to say that was P’s first and last year teaching there.

I have a feeling Reddit is going to side with the teens on this one.

If you’ve been to Catholic school you know that tracks.

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The principal was not up for the extra work.

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Though they do think the principal missed a trick.

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There is no shortage of jokes in the comments.

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You can’t really threaten a second-semester senior.

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I learned subbing that second-semester seniors show up whenever they feel like it.

‘Tis the way of the world, and life was easier once you accepted it.