December 21, 2023 at 5:37 am

‘Our cats are totally trainable.’ – Trainer Shows You How To Stop Your Cat Jumping On Counters And Other Helpful Tips

by Chris Allen

Source: TikTok/@aceenge

Is there anything more cute + frustrating than our little cats?

The scratching, the biting, the peeing on soft things… ugh!

@aceengel on TikTok has some fantastic advice and great frame of reference to impart!

Source: TikTok/@aceenge

And then like out of a kitty Super Bowl video, she goes on to provide many real-world tips to help curb their less-than-ideal behavior.

With a handful of loving, playful cats crawling all over her and getting into the frame.

Her overarching suggestion: positive reinforcement!

She explains that kittens roughly have the intelligence of a 1 year old child, and adult cats roughly equate to a 3 year old child.

Source: TikTok/@aceenge

She relays a plethora of tips!

Cats who are always on the counter? A cat tree that’s near that counter + positive reinforcement.

She explains that they see us in a certain space, and they want to be where the action is.

Source: TikTok/@aceenge

She also has great advice for cats who scratch a lot, and how to get them to use the scratching post!

Check out the full video here for all that info!


You can teach your cat to stop being a meniace, but its all about the WAY you do it to get results. Throw away the spray bottle, because its never going to work. Positive reinforcement and redirection is the way to go! #catrescue #cattips #cattraining #catownertips #petangel #catscratching #cats

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Fantastic ideas all around!

Let’s see what folks had to say:

One user would love to know about safety outdoors. And the comments section pitched in.

Source: TikTok/@aceenge

While one commenter just wants to see that little orange love ball get the good pets.

Source: TikTok/@aceenge

Now this is my nightmare.

Source: TikTok/@aceenge

With so many potential behavioral or even medical issues it can be a bit overwhelming.

But we sure are thankful for videos like this.

I don’t know about you but I’m over here taking notes.

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