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Arby’s Had A Promotional Meal Deal That College Students Took Advantage Of To The Fullest

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Wikimedia Commons

Have you ever been lucky enough to find a loophole at a restaurant that allowed you and your pals eat like kings?

Well, this person did and they took full advantage of it!

Check out their story below and we want to warn you…you might get jealous.

Great Arby’s run of 2005.

“This was years ago, not sure exactly what year. Location: Twin Cities MN.

Arby’s had a promotion where if you got a $10 gift card you got a free basic combo meal – large roast beef or beef and cheddar, medium soft drink, medium fry.

Back at this time that would likely have been a $3.99 meal.

They had an idea.

Immediately, I saw an opportunity. I asked when the gift card expired (answer: Never) and asked if there were any restrictions on what could be purchased with the gift card (answer: none).

So I got a gift card and a combo meal.

I then hightailed it back to the house I was living in with a pile of other college guys.

Filled my car up, filled up another car.

Walked in, said “I’d like to purchase a $10 gift card, I’ll do the large roast beef, coke, curly fries, horsey sauce and arby’s sauce.”

This is gonna work out!

Paid for the gift card with the gift card. Hand the new gift card to the guy behind me. He did the same thing.

At this point one of the other guys walked over to the other register and pulled out cash for a gift card and started the process going. Eventually the last person in our line handed me back a gift card.

We ate in the restaurant and then I said ‘well, I’m getting ready for a midnight snack’ and got back in line, and everyone followed – we all got a 2nd meal and got back in the car and left (and to be fair, back then I could have eaten 4 roast beefs, a single without upsizing the fries was kinda paltry)

Be sure to eat up!

The cashier didn’t care – he was just doing as instructed.

Hell for all I know he was probably encouraged to push the gift card deal, lots of times the counter staff do get instructed to do that kind of thing.

We did it a 2nd time, but the 3rd time the manager said that terms on the card have some prohibitions, which includes buying gift cards.

That’s okay, we got probably 30 meals free and just had to use the gift card for actual food.”

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Find a loophole and make it work.

Nicely done!

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