January 28, 2024 at 8:36 pm

Her Coworker Made Awful Comments About Her Driving, So She’s Refusing To Give Her Rides To Work

by Trisha Leigh

Source: Reddit/AITA

You know what absolutely no one in the world loves?

It’s when you’re going out of your way to do a favor for someone and then they choose to act super entitled and/or insult or make fun of you.

Don’t do that.

OP’s father has two cars and they used one of them to drive to work.

I (26F) live in a very small town with my dad (55M) who’s disabled. He can get around on his own, it’s just more convenient for us since I’m able to run most of the errands.

Anyway dad has two cars, one has manual shift and the other is auto. Due to his mobility issues dad can’t drive the manual, so it’s usually me who’s driving it.

Also my workplace is 2 hours away from where I live, it’s not a massive deal for me.

Since it was on the way, they also picked up a co-worker.

I also have a coworker (40F) who relies on me for the rides even though it’s a 20 minute drive from her home to the workplace. So I pick her up and drop her off.

She doesn’t have a car and public transportation is crappy in our area, and I also don’t charge her for rides since I pass her street on my way either way.

She just checks the location app and goes out whenever she sees I’m approaching her place. Or sometimes I park in her driveway.

One day, they had to take the other car and weren’t really comfortable driving it.

Recently the manual car wasn’t starting so I had to take the auto car. It’s a really large SUV and I’m not very comfortable with driving it. I’ve been driving the manual car since high school and it’s a super tiny coupe so I’m used to smaller cars.

It was literally my 1st time ever driving another car. Also the manual car is an import and it’s RHD, so my perception is slightly off when I drive a normal car.

They made an error, and the coworker ripped them a new one.

So she asked me to go in her driveway and since I was driving the larger car I messed up and accidentally hit the lawn with 2 of the wheels bc I’m used to sitting on another side and bc the auto car is wider than the manual one. Her driveway is super narrow and as I said I’m not familiar with driving huge cars so it was a mess up on my end.

Anyway she saw the tire tracks on her lawn and was really angry. She yelled at me saying that if I can’t go in the driveway without hitting the lawn I should get my license revoked. I explained that I couldn’t take my car bc it broke.

She said that in this case I had to ask my dad to drive me to work.

I got angry bc it was an unreasonable demand, 1st of all my dad is disabled, 2nd he wouldn’t be super thrilled about spending 4 hours behind the wheel just to take me to the work and back.

So, OP declined to drive them to work any longer.

So next day I texted her I won’t be giving her rides anymore. I still drive the auto car bc in the manual car a part broke and it needs to be delivered from overseas so it takes time.

I won’t deny that maybe it was an overreaction on my part. But I feel hurt by her comment and also I don’t want to go in her driveway again, hit the lawn and get yelled at again.

I’m not losing anything if I refuse to give her rides. And I feel like she should’ve been more grateful.

Some people think they overreacted.

Anyway she was angry and called me a b—-.

Our other coworker said I’m an a—— because the 40F really needs the rides. Now I think whether I was really an a——.

The 40F has a wild temper so she probably didn’t mean what she said. But it was still hurtful anyway.

Does Reddit think so? You know they’ll render a verdict!

The top comment says OP is doing her a huge favor and should have reacted better.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Adults should be able to control their tempers.

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The other person has been saving enough money to fix her lawn, anyway.

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This person says they would have reacted the same way.

Source: Reddit/AITA

No matter the woman’s excuse, OP is not wrong.

Source: Reddit/AITA

This woman’s behavior is inexcusable, really.

The nerve of some people.

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