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Her Husband Failed To Take Care Of Her After A Surgery. Now She’s Saying She Can No Longer Trust Him.

by Matthew Gilligan

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AITA for demanding an apology from carer/husband for not feeding me properly after major surgery?

“I’ve been the main cook for this family for 17 years (I’m 40).

She’s on the mend and they have their hands full.

We have five kids, he is nearly 50y and he rarely cooks, but he is capable of cooking. 7 days ago I had a total hip replacement (planned) I’m on crutches and a lot of pain meds. He is my carer.

Yesterday 7pm he said he would start cooking dinner. I was concerned, and starving, and I asked him what dinner was. He said he was defrosting FROZEN chicken breast (for a Hello Fresh meal).

To set the scene, the lunch he served was 1/2 small plate of broccoli and sweet potato, no protein. Breakfast was a banana and a cuppa – I had to ask for 1 slice toast. So by 7pm, I was starving, helpless, and in pain.

She was fed up.

When he said frozen chicken, I yelled, “I know there’s food in the fridge please just bring something!”

Plan B was microwave lasagna leftovers which a neighbor delivered the day before, which he “cooked” (ie threw in the oven).

Lacking protein, I started yelling again, “I can’t believe you can’t find something proper, 17 years & I can’t even trust you feed me?”

He got mad saying “Don’t you want food? I am offering chicken or lasagna with salad, what more do you want? How are you mad, I am offering you a choice!”

I felt betrayed, disappointed, and unloved. But I needed to eat, so I told him lasagna.

He served it, I eat and I go to bed.

She really let him have it.

After 30min, I’m still mad so I texted him: “I didn’t think I would have to spell it out, feeding a person is not difficult. Your “plan” of defrosting frozen chicken at 7pm is ridiculous. Please have a nutritious meal for me tomorrow. The trust I had for you has been going for a while now, but this is a huge low. And for you to throw a fit and try and make me look like the crazy one- **** you if you can’t apologize.”

Yes I realize how awful this was. But I’m mad. And I wanted real feedback, so being honest.

I usually don’t speak like this. But yes the resentment is growing for more reasons, this is just an example…

He says nothing and completely ignores the text message. This morning, he goes to work as planned, my 16yo daughter is caring for me during the day, she feeds me well. He comes home at 6pm. Still no apology.

This guy is not getting the message…

He makes the chicken dinner tonight (he defrosted it last night). Brings it to me and then he leaves silently.

He parks himself in front of the TV.

I eat, and finish, but I cannot take care of the dirty plate, so it’s sitting beside me on the bed.

Ten minutes after I eat, I use crutches to hobble to get my own medication, and he ignored me while I struggled to get a glass of ice water and take the meds.

It’s an obvious struggle and he is choosing to ignore me.

I manage to take the meds, and as I walk by him to go to bed, he says nothing. He just now crawled into bed and is near asleep.

He hasn’t said anything to me yet. No “how are you?”, no apology, no consideration.


Does he owe me an apology?


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Her husband sounds like a great guy!

That was sarcasm, by the way…

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