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Holier-Than-Thou Woman Criticizes Woman Reading On The Tram, So She Takes Her Bible Verse And Eats It

by Ryan McCarthy

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Evangelists have been known to take things a little too far. To say the least.

From knocking down your door to trying to stop people getting on the subway, they can be a bit of a nuisance, but the woman from this story is in a league of her own!

When she diverted her plans to follow OP out of the airport, OP responded in the most hilarious way possible, and she ended up getting exactly what she deserved.

Check it out!

AITA if I ate and swallowed a “message from God” on a tram?

I’m a 36 yo (f) traveling for work this week and had a few hours layover in ATL Airport.

I’m tired, I’ve been traveling since very early this morning and have been on-and-off engrossed in a book during times of inaction to keep my anxiety from peaking.

I just got off the plane and had made my way to the tram to get to the next concourse.

I noticed the lady who had been seated with me on the prior flight was also following me to the tram for transfer.

Little did she know, this unassuming flight-mate had her own agenda!

As I boarded the tram/train to get to my connecting area, I headed to a corner and reopened my book.

It’s a simple, non-heavily-brainy book and part of a well-known series and does have some explicit/smutty sections.

Whatever, it’s an easy read, doesn’t involve a lot of cognition to follow, and entertaining.

But a little adult reading was apparently too much..

The lady who was next to me on my flight ended up next to me on the (sparsely occupied) train and did a loud “ahem”.

I’m not one to openly engage in other people’s lives and ignored it.

She turned her head to look right at me and said “Are you really ignoring the light?”

I genuinely had NO clue what she was referring to. It was really early morning (took a redeye) and I genuinely thought she meant the rising sun.

I glanced out and said something like, “is kinda cloudy so I didn’t notice”.

But this woman was a different type of crazy…

She stared really intently and grabbed a piece of paper out of her handbag to hand me.

This was a small, little more than fortune cookie size paper. It had a Bible passage on it, something about God and the light without darkness, I do remember the passage was from the book of John.

She said something about she felt called to “guide me out of the sinful darkness” when she saw what I was reading on the flight and instead of exiting the airport to go home she KNEW she was meant to follow me to my next area to show me the light.

God sent her a message to… stalk and follow her through an airport? Freaky stuff.

I grew up in the South on Bible belt of NC. And I felt all the hypocrisy that organized religion was promoting and had some trauma from it.

I’m not proud to say this triggered a little and reacted on the trigger.

I grabbed that stupid slip of paper and wadded it up and shoved it in my mouth. I started chewing.

I looked this lady in the eye and chewed and swallowed. And then said her BS was delicious.

I would have paid any amount of money to see the look on this woman’s face! Talk about gagged! The woman reacted as if she had seen the devil himself sitting on that airport tram!

She immediately called me a heathen, said I wasn’t capable of grace, and she wished she hadn’t wasted her sacred message on the unworthy.

She said she knew what kind of floozy I was by the filth I was reading.

I just said I’m glad she enjoyed it as well and provided the name and author before exiting the train at the next concourse, even though it wasn’t the one I needed.

Wow! That is one way to end a conversation, and a way that I’m totally down for! The next time I get one of those little pamphlets on the street, I might just surprise the guy and turn it into a snack!

Reddit was just as much of a fan of her method as I was, with this user commending her on the perfect response!

Source: Reddit/AITA

This person asked why she should be the one to have to take the high road…?

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This commenter theorized that unfortunately she was likely set in her ways…

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And even this Christian user agreed that she had crossed several lines in her judgment and accosting of a random stranger!

Source: Reddit/AITA

And finally, this user gave her the sound advice not to eat any more random scraps of paper!

Source: Reddit/AITA

Did the preachy woman have the shock to her system coming, or did OP go to far in EATING the Bible verse?

All I know is I won’t be eating any bible pages anytime soon.

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