February 24, 2024 at 5:33 am

AOL Email Addresses Are Now A Hot Topic With Gen Z Because They Show How Old Millennials Are

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@ann_natalie

Who knew that an email could define your age or even age you to some Gen Zers. But apparently it’s an actual thing.

You go to the store, they need an email to look you up for an item but did you ever think you’d actually get ageism for that email!

Well, it’s wild but @ann_natalie had that exact experience when she went to the store, gave two email addresses over and got totally judged by a child, ironically wearing a Nirvana T-shirt….

Source: TikTok/@ann_natalie

She told her followers on TikTok: “Gen Z really knows how to make me feel like I’m a dinosaur. Like 27 is the new 50. I was at the mall today and I wanted to return something and like everybody knows they ask for your email, so that they can find your account.”

It should have been a simple and quick exchange but NO. Our girl wound up getting judged by a kid of around 16, with what sounds like a very bad attitude.

Source: TikTok/@ann_natalie

She continued: “She, you know, asked for my emails, I said, yada yada yada@aol.com. She kind of made a face and then typed it and she was like, ‘Oh, I can’t find your name.’ I was like, ‘Okay, why don’t you try blah blah blah bellsouth.net.”

Well, the reaction. It was enough to give our girl a lot of anger for her clip. She said: “Tell me why she made another face!”

Source: TikTok/@ann_natalie

The teenager said she’d never heard of the email addresses. But her next response was. Ahem. You’ll see.

‘Sometimes like the older people that come in, have those emails….’ the girl responded.

The TikToker was understandably angered at being a victim of ageism at the tender age of just 27! And the follow up to this, just shows how silly this girl was.

The TikToker continued: “So, me being the older adult that I am, noticed that she was wearing a Nirvana T-shirt… So, I asked her, ‘Oh my gosh, I love Nirvana. Like what’s your favorite song? She gave me a look. I gave her a look…”

She added: “You’re calling me old through my emails and you’re wearing a frickin T-shirt from an older band that you don’t even know one of their songs.”

It’s unreal someone of 27 was getting ageism for their email address. Wow.

Watch the full clip here:


Can any Gen-Z fill me in on what emails are acceptable today??? #millennialsoftiktok #generationz #storytime #emails

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Me too!

Source: TikTok/@ann_natalie


Source: TikTok/@ann_natalie

Oh my. Wow! Lol.

Source: TikTok/@ann_natalie

To all those millennials out there… rock those AOL.com accounts. Their time will come back around. Maybe.

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