February 6, 2024 at 4:44 pm

Best Buy Customer Finds Out Their Return Policy Is Awful Unless You Buy A Yearly Membership

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@@nldoty

Buying stuff and getting that all important receipt gives us all a little bit of comfort, right?  We can bring it back within a month. No hassle.

Well, that is NOT the experience this Best Buy shopper found. And he was not happy.

@nldoty told his followers on TikTok how he’d just been to the store to buy a microphone and found out the return policy was far from what he was expecting and had grown accustomed to.

Source: TikTok/@@nldoty

He said: “I’m in Best Buy buying a microphone partly for my TikTok videos, partly for something for work tomorrow. And they changed things in a way that I don’t understand how BestBuy thinks this is either both feasible or sustainable.”

Eek, I’m getting a bit concerned – please tell me the microphones are on sale!

He added: “Remember how when you buy something, you get 30 day return window breaks, you don’t like it etc. You can return it within 30 days and get your money back.”

Source: TikTok/@@nldoty

Yes, and frankly PHEW! Like sometimes personally I’m too busy to get to the store!

He continued: “Best Buy has shortened that to two weeks unless you sign up for their paid annual membership.”


Source: TikTok/@@nldoty

He went on: “I’m not making this up…. Basically for $50 a year I would have gotten $30 off of this device. And I would have had 60 days to return it and I wouldn’t have needed my receipt. They told me I need to keep my receipt if I want to return it. I only have two weeks to do so. Does anyone remember Bed Bath and Beyond? Because they also tried this and it didn’t exactly work for them?…”

Well, that’s kind of not great if customers are super busy, is it…

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Here’s what people thought of the return policy!



More burns!


This guy’s going full throttle…


These big box stores need to wake up!

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