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Ex-Wife Plots To Kick His New Wife Out Of Shared House Once Ex-Husband Is Gone, So He Gets Revenge And Takes Her Brand New Car

by Addison Sartino

Source: Reddit/ProRevenge, Pexels

Exes can make life tricky, especially when they have to stick around.

This man took to Reddit to share his story.

Wife and I got together in July of ’07. July 5th to be exact (we actually celebrate that anniversary more than the wedding one. We’re not really normal).

Wife needed a place to stay so ex wife suggested she move in with me.

Despite moving in together being the ex-wife’s idea, she was bitter about it.

Ex Wife just didn’t expect things to get serious. And she wasn’t happy.

She just got remarried at the time too so, WTF?

Wife and I have been together 13 years, married six.

Like I said, got together in July, ’07. The company I worked for got bought out and took over in Oct. My last day was Dec. 1st of ’07.

I decided I deserve to sit on my rear for a year before seriously looking for work. This is important, I guess.

The man finds out his ex-wife is plotting to kick his wife out once he passes.

So, come spring and ex wife is on the same softball team as Wifes best friend.

Ex Wife keeps going on how she can’t wait ’til I die so she can kick Wife out of HER house.

Nice, huh.

Lawyer friend says as long as her name is still on the house, she can.

Divorced or not.

He explains that as long as her name is on the house, she is also financially responsible.

I need to get her to sign a ‘quit claim deed’ to get her name outta there. Then we can refinance to get her name off the loan too.

So, I tell her that ‘when’ I can’t make payments any longer,(you know, being out of work for six months) that they’d come after her. Not a lie. And I/Wife wasn’t even close to losing said house.

Exwife doesn’t like to work but her new hubby bought her an ’04 40th Anniversary Mustang that she works to make payments on. Her ‘Dream Car’.

Sure! Now she works. Didn’t when WE were married! lol.

The man also learned that his ex was still on his car insurance.

Soon after getting the house refinanced we found out that ex wife was still on my car insurance. She was enjoying MY multi-vehicle and house discount.

Um, oh hell to the no!

And since I’ve been with the same company for 30 years I asked a little favor. Take her off, put Wife on but after notifying the state and the lien holder that she no longer has car insurance, maybe they could wait a couple days before MAILING X notice.

Without car insurance, the bank will punish the owner of the loan.

Banks love the chance to insure you, for at least double. Or more.

For those of you not in the states, banks/Credit Unions demand you keep full coverage insurance on the car in case it’s stolen, wrecked … you get the idea, right?

Since the ex-wife was no longer a homeowner, her credit score dropped.

Now, the big plus when her name was still being on the house, it gave her great credit rating.

But for some reason, after the banks and everyone else she got loans from, found out she didn’t have access to the house, all her rates, and payments went up.

And, yup, they can do that. Or demand the loan be paid in full.

Because her credit was poor, the bank took her car.

Part two of the revenge.

know what you’re thinking, all that and that’s not it?

Sad huh?

Anywho, driving home from work one day (Oh, I did find a new job) I drove past the bank that had ex wife’s car loan and there it be!

All shiny and white, just sitting in their parking lot. I knew what that meant so I went inside to have a little chat.

The man bought his ex-wife’s car from the bank.

By law they have to wait 30 days for you to get caught up on your payments or they put it up for auction. Big hassle for them.

Also by law, they can’t tell you what the highest bid is BUT if you agree to pay off the remainder the loan, they be happy. At least it was worth more than what she owed. But, I would have gone over a little.

So yeah. On day 31 the Wife and I were driving home the ex-Wifes new car.

The ex-wife was only one day late with the money to get her car back.

And what made it even better. She (the ex wife) came in on day 32 with the money to catch it up.

AND .. they told her who bought it. My #2 son said she cried all the way home. Oh, life is good sometimes.

It ain’t much but, it put a smile on our faces.

Reddit users enjoyed the revenge, but with some concern and confusion.

One reader asked how the writer’s sons may feel about his actions.

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Another reader wanted some clarification on what the ex did to deserve the revenge.

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While this person complimented the man for being a present father.

Source: Reddit/ProRevenge

This guy genuinely seems like a jerk.

But if you play with fire… expect to get burned!

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