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HOA Member Had A Neighbor’s Car Towed, So Roommates Get Revenge By Finding A Loophole In The Rules

by Matthew Gilligan

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You think you know the rules…?

We’ll see about that!

And that’s exactly what happened in this story from Reddit’s “Pro Revenge” page.

Check out how these folks dealt with a neighbor who insisted on being a jerk.

HOA member doesn’t know the rules as well as he thinks.

As a bit of background me and my three roommates moved into a housing community that is basically just a bunch of cookie cutter townhomes.

All of these homes have garages that open onto streets that wind through the community (this is important later) with your front door opening to a path on the other side of your house. There are also some free parking spots on the edge of the community where there are no houses.

Parking wasn’t easy in these parts.

When we first moved in we quickly found out that parking could be a bit of a pain during the day, especially when people had guests during the weekend. Now my roommates and I admittedly have more cars than the average family. Because we usually have to commute for work we each have one.

We try to make parking easier by using the garage but we all have tons of sporting equipment so we can usually only get one car in the garage. When all the parking in all the free spots is full we’d just park our cars right up against the garage and leave them there during the day or over night. We’d seen other neighbors do it and it still left ample room for people driving on the street to get by.

They were turned off by this guy’s attitude.

Well one day Bad Neighbor come up while my roommates and I are in the garage organizing some stuff and tells us that we can’t park there overnight as it’s against community rules. Before we had a chance to respond he added “and if you do it again I will personally make sure you’re towed.” His first comment was pretty reasonable.

We’d just moved in and didn’t know that rule. But his second comment really just made him sound like a jerk and wasn’t necessary. One of my roommates simply responded that we didn’t know as we’d just moved in and we wouldn’t park there overnight anymore. Well Bad Neighbor, clearly trying to assert his dominance, responded with “Good. You better not because I’ll be watching.”

Well from then on we did follow those rules. If we parked in front of our garage during the day we would make sure to move before we went to sleep. This worked out for a while until one fateful day.

Then it happened…

One of my roommates stopped by quickly after work to grab some dinner and clothes before heading to his girlfriends. This was around 7PM so he just parked up against the garage as it would be quicker than the parking spaces. Plus it was early enough that he didn’t think he’d get towed.

Around 8PM he went to head out and his car was gone. Guess who was there though? Bad Neighbor (BN) standing right outside. Immediately he said to my roommates “told you you were going to get towed if you parked here again”.

BN and my roommate argued for a bit before my roommate came back inside and calls the car lot. Well it ends up their closed so he’ll have to get his car in the morning. The kicker? They’re going to charge him an overnight fee. All in all it comes out to $500 which isn’t a small amount of money for us.

Well, isn’t that interesting!

This neighbor has been a jerk to us since we moved in and even though it wasn’t my car that was towed, I took this personally.

To make sure we didn’t get towed again we decided to read the community rules and low and behold we found out that the street in front of the garage is actually considered a fire lane and no one is suppose to park there at any point during the day.

Between Bad Neighbor treating us like garbage and the fact that we could get him yelling at his wife every night (not a big detail to the story but just wanted to say to add to my point that this guy just sucked) I start to plan my revenge.

Since quarantine started I’ve been able to work from home and my desk conveniently looks out onto the street between the houses. This means that I can clearly see Bad Neighbor’s garage. I start to take notice of when he parks his car out in front of his garage. For about two weeks I noticed that he would come home around 1PM and leave again at 2PM.

On the third week I decided I would begin the revenge.

Time to make a call…

On Monday, true to his schedule, he stopped by around 1.

After about 10 minutes I gave the tow company a call and said that he was parked in the fire lane and if they could come and remove his car. 20 minutes later a tow truck rolled up, hooked his car up, and towed it off.

About 15 minutes later Bad Neighbor came out and I could hear him start to yell back into his house, presumably at his wife. He then left and didn’t come back until later that evening after he’d gotten his car. Now it was funny to do this and I made sure to send snaps to my roommates who don’t work from home, but I wasn’t done yet.

See this jerk apparently didn’t learn the first time because literally the next day he parks in front of his garage again.

What do I do?

Well the exact same thing as the day before of course.

Again, BN come out, realizes his car is gone, yells at his wife and then goes to get it.

Now after this time he is a bit smarter and parks in an actual spot before going in to get his lunch or whatever it is he does there mid day. He does this for about two weeks before he decides that it’s okay to park in front of his garage again.

Let’s do it again!

Well who is still sitting at their desk every day and notices this immediately?

Well me of course.

And being the concerned resident that I am, I immediately call the tow company and off his car goes again. And again this is met with yelling.

I wish that this had a more satisfying ending but after this third time I decided I would stop because I genuinely felt bad for his wife who he seemed to do most of the yelling at as if it was her fault that he was an idiot. What I can tell you is that it it definitely cost him over $1k.

If he hadn’t gotten my roommates car towed then we wouldn’t have ever found that fun little rule. The best part was that a number of my neighbors would have their cars parked there at the same time and they’d never have their cars towed which made it all the better when his was.

We have had a number of other encounters that with him in the time since this happened and I have another story that involves the actual HOA that I’ll probably write later. That one is still ongoing though so we’ll see how it ends up.

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