February 22, 2024 at 10:38 pm

Restaurant Worker Wouldn’t Bend The Rules About Delivery Orders, So A Customer Made Her Look Foolish

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@jonasleupe

Some businesses have rules and regulations that just don’t make any sense…

So what is a person supposed to do in a situation like that?

Well, maliciously comply, of course!

Take a look at how this person ended up getting what they wanted at a restaurant.

“We only do deliveries over the phone”, well okay.

“So I went to a famous Portuguese chicken chain restaurant/takeaway.

They are known for doing deliveries in my area, especially during the Covid-19 outbreak. My grandparents live alone and weren’t taking any visitors due to the outbreak.

They had an idea.

Now i was close to the restaurant and I wanted to order a meal for my grandparents without me having to go to their house because that would involve me physically meeting them whereas the restaurant delivery would adhere to strict Covid-19 prevention measures.

At the restaurant, I placed my order and asked for it to be delivered to their house. The (robot-like) cashier said that it wouldn’t be possible to deliver food to a house when the customer orders the food at the restaurant.

This worker wasn’t getting it.

I thought it was a misunderstanding and made it clear that I would pay the full delivery charge and that all that would change is the manner in which the food was ordered. I didn’t want my grandparents to have to pay for the meal and also didn’t want to meet them due to Covid-19.

After pleading, and quite a frustrating back and forth with the cashier she raised her voice at me and said “sir, we only do delivery orders over the phone”

Cue Malicious Compliance

With a wide smile on my face I thanked her and stepped away from the till. I called the delivery number only for her to answer the call right in front of me. I placed the entire order all over again whilst we stared at each other in what must’ve been humiliating for her.

See how dumb this is?!?!

Her colleagues at this point all began staring and some giggling. After placing the order I once again went up to her and asked her to pay for the order I just placed.

She, at this point, saw the silliness of the situation and let me pay just to be done with all this.

Suffice to say, my grandparents managed to eat the chicken.”

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You gotta love it!

Nice work!

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