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Rude Customer Demands That Wendy’s Employee Refund Her Frosties, So Instead Of Giving Her More They Give Her Much Less

by Trisha Leigh

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There can never be too many tales from Wendy’s (or Mendy’s, as it’s known on Twitter), if you ask me.

I’m sure funny things happen at other fast food restaurants, but it’s the “Mendy’s” employees who always want to dish.

OP was training to be a manager and needed to do a refund for a not-polite customer.

I’m training to be a manager at your friendly neighborhood Mendy’s. I usually do drive thru, but here I am being asked to do a refund at the lobby register because I know how.

A southern (like if Alex Guarnaschelli played pickle ball or something) lady ordered four Baggy Bags (her words) with an extra frosty. All chocolate. Okay, cool.

We make her all of her food, and last second she decides “You know what? I don’t want those they don’t look chocolatey enough. Not at all!”

He tried to do it the easy way – resulting in more money back for her – but she wasn’t smart enough to catch on.

Okay, fine. We comply, and instead of making the lady give me the credit card to refund the full meal, then then ring her up for the meal without the frosties (about a fifty cent upcharge per)

I simply ring up four medium frosties as a direct refund.

This amount has her getting back 12.99.

She immediately complained and shouted “HEY! A–hat!! That’s not the right amount of Frosties!! Enter the right amount of f—— frosties and don’t cheap out on me!!”

This was roughly translated because it was a heated moment, but she mentioned something about me being cheap. Also,

I Never been called an a–hat before. I’m honored.

I was about to explain that she was getting a refund that’s worth half her meal, but the a–hat didn’t sit right with me, and made the MC adjustment.

So he did it the way she wanted, and there was nothing she could say.

“You know what you’re right, you had five frosties, the upcharges for the meals and then the extra one, right? Okay, let me fix that”

I took a long time to “figure out” how to make the refund happen, which required me to take her card multiple times, and then show her that I refunded her for her one full price frosty at $2.13 and then four more frosties at 50 cents each, so it’s $4.13 back to her.

“Oh that can’t be right!! ”

I told her just how wrong she was, showing her receipts as she realized what a mistake she made, as her food just kept getting as cold as My Frosty-Flavored Heart.

Short and brutal. I like it.

The top comment appreciated the storytelling.

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Some people just have a way with words.

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They figure she was probably doing it on purpose.

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No one likes to do math.

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Just so we’re clear.

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You always want to be careful what you wish for.

Some people are ready to do even more, if you let them.

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