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Weird Aunt Accused Niece Of Having A Crush On Her, So She Decided To Make Her As Uncomfortable As Possible

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@timmossholder

This is an odd story

It comes to us from Reddit’s “Malicious Compliance” page and the woman who wrote it admitted wholeheartedly that her family is NUTS.

So she decided to have a little bit of fun with her aunt.

Check out what she did!

My Aunt accused me of having a crush on her, so I made sure she knew how right she was.

“Hello, I (24 F) have a completely chaotic dumpster fire for a family.

If it isn’t one thing, it’s the next, and as such, I do not visit my family unless forced or on holidays bc they’re invited despite my suggestions.

This family has a lot of problems.

Here more recently, last summer I believe, my Aunt got into a problem with me (the eldest of my siblings) and my eldest younger sister (21) bc my Aunt felt it was her right to bully and abuse my youngest sister through her own children and their phones.

Things got…weird…

Which, okay, that was a thing, but this post isn’t entirely about that. I called CPS bc of some allegations that came my way about the treatment of my Aunt’s child, and bc of that she was trying to figure out who did it and was gossiping with my elder cousin (her adult step-daughter) about who it could be and said, and I’m quoting, “Well… it could’ve been OP, she does have a crush on me.”

When my cousin looked flabbergasted at such a ludicrous statement my Aunt’s 9 yo daughter pipped up, “It’s true! She really does!”…. huh? So not only is my Aunt abusive and less than dirt in my opinion, she’s also completely delusional and is so much so her children know of this particular “belief”.

What to do…?

Now, when I heard this ridiculousness, I didn’t know what to do with it really, like what do you say and do about that???

Blow up at her? Call her an insufferable pig? Dive deeper into when she started believing this, blasting her online etc?

And then.. malicious compliance came to mind and the Grinch’s grin smeared across my face.

Got it!

Starting from that day I heard this rumor, any and every time I saw her I flirted, hard.

“Omg Auntie, aren’t you the hottest thing I’ve seen today.” or “My God, Uncle, I wouldn’t let that beauty through your fingers.”, “If you ever want a massage, let me know, I would love to give one to the prettiest girl here.” “Gosh, there is just no way you’re over 50 yo!” “Uncle, you’re a very very lucky man.”, as examples.

I whistle as a greeting to her, and I make sure to wink at her at least once per interaction.

She doesn’t know my cousin, her step daughter, told me about her accusation.

She’s gonna keep it up!

She looks so uncomfortable every time I approach or even arrive at family gatherings, and I love it.

Karma’s a witch, maybe don’t bully and abuse kids and fill your own children with nonsense rumors like your niece, who you’ve known since she was 8 yo, wanting to get with you.

I’m never going to stop, I have a crush on my Aunt, after all.”

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Well… I guess you get what you give!

Like she said… karma’s a witch!

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