February 1, 2024 at 4:31 am

Woman Kept Cancelling Concert Plans At The Last Minute, So He Got Even By Doing The Same Thing To Her

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@actionvance

Getting stood up really sucks

You get all dolled up, put on your best outfit, make sure you look your best, and then…that special someone doesn’t show up.


So how do you handle a situation like that?

Maybe the way this guy did!

Take a look at his story and see what you think!

Made her get ready for a concert I wasn’t taking her to.

“A woman said she was interested in me.

We went out twice, then I invited her to a Christmas concert. She agreed to come around 5 days before the concert, then stopped answering until the morning of the concert.

I followed up with her twice to confirm whether she was going, since she was being so quiet.

All she answered that morning was “Yess!”

He got stood up.

Concert time comes, and she was a no-show. Ended up excusing herself at 8:30PM (concert was at 8).

Her excuse was that she was too exhausted to go, but posted an IG story later that night at a popular hangout spot.

I decided to let it slide, and we planned to hang out 2 weekends later.

Another concert. Same thing.

She agrees to go, then stays silent until the concert day. Confirms she will go in the morning, then cancels 20 MINUTES before the concert.

I ended up going with a neighbor to avoid going alone.

It was time for a shocker!

I encounter her the following weekend at a hangout, she texts me if I’ll be around, I respond.. she stops replying. I see her 1 hr later with another guy.

There was another concert recently, and she had posted she wanted to go. I think she posted knowing I’d see it, since I get free tickets for certain concerts.

And then it was revenge time!

I invited her to the concert, then canceled on her right before she was about to head to the stadium.

Did I go too far?”

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One reader shared a real ZINGER.

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Another individual had a different plan…

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This person wanted to get really petty.

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Another Reddit user was even more sinister.

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This person said he didn’t do anything wrong.

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How do you like THEM apples?

That was a good one!

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