March 10, 2024 at 5:46 pm

Former Target Cashier Tells A Story Of How He Let Friends Steal Thousands Of Merch And It Finally Caught Up With Him. – ‘Every single monitor had my face on it.’

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@wells2fit

It’s never okay to shoplift but some folk go through testing boundaries as teenagers but there’s one store they should never EVER TARGET.

This former Target worker has told how he thought he’d come up with a genius plan at the checkout when he voided items and kept letting certain customers, including cute girls or his friends, away with not paying for those voided items.

But wow, did he ever get stung in the end and in a BIG way.

@wells2fit told his followers on TikTok the cashier position at the store was his first ever job at 17 or 18 but he didn’t go into it with a mature head.

Source: TikTok/@wells2fit

“I didn’t have the right mindset. I was reckless, and I was scheming on some ****,” he said.

The former cashier said as soon as he realized items came off the receipt when he voided them, he thought that meant he could get away with letting his friends and family take the items for free!


For months he continued doing this, including letting girls he liked get items for free.

But then he really went far too far. He decided to tell his friends to go to the store and pick up low value items, like candy and then take iPods too and get the iPods for free!

Source: TikTok/@wells2fit

The plan was to resell the iPods on… But you’re right. This isn’t going to have a good end for this former cashier. Keep reading.

He said after the second time of a friend walking out of the store with a free iPod he was stopped by a guy in a white polo shirt and asked to go with him.

@wells2fit said: “He says ‘Can you clock out and come with me?’. I go into this back room and this dude was asset prevention or something like that… He had been watching me…”

Now, this isn’t good. We all know where this is going… Buckle up.

He added: “I go into this room. There’s 20 TV screen monitors in this back room. Every single monitor had my face on it. My jaw was dropped, you can’t even lie.”

Source: TikTok/@wells2fit

The store had tracked every single time the former cashier had pressed the void button and he let someone take an item for free.

He asked why they didn’t stop him early on and he claimed the worker told him: ‘We were waiting for you to go big.’

Luckily Wells was still a smooth talker and got his way out of criminal charges – BUT there was a hefty bill to pay and he had to do pay it!

He said he was still “afraid” to go into Target after the experience and said no one should steal from the store.

Well, this is a good lesson in just not stealing at all isn’t it but it’s good this guy didn’t get a criminal charge for a mistake in his youth!

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This is what everyone needs to know!

Source: TikTok/@wells2fit

Yes, this instilled the FEAR!

Source: TikTok/@wells2fit

Ouch. It SO wasn’t worth it!

Source: TikTok/@wells2fit

Be smart, fam!

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