March 22, 2024 at 1:27 pm

Her Ex-Husband Wants To Use Their Daughter’s Birthday Party To Introduce His New Wife, But She Refused Because It Will Distract From Their Kid’s Big Day

by Jeffrey Ruane


Divorce is never pretty, especially when kids are involved.

Adding infidelity into the equation does not calm down the situation.

But what happens when one party ends up marrying the person they cheated with?

This is a story about a Mom whose ex-husband thought it’d be a good idea to use their daughter’s birthday party as an opportunity to introduce his new wife…

My ex husband (David) and I were married for 5 years and last year we divorced. We have a one daughter, Lily, who turned 7 this year.

Lily’s birthday was around the corner so I was busy with decorations, the cake and the invitations.

I asked her who she wanted to attend her birthday party and she said she wanted her aunts, uncles, cousins, basically everyone she knew from both sides.

So far it sounds like it’s going to be a normal birthday party…

I wasn’t bothered with lily inviting anyone from her father’s side because we were both familiar and comfortable with them.

I called David and I told him about the invitations and he was cool with it until he bought up his wife.

Because, of course, he had to mention his wife.

He told me that he will bring his wife, he didn’t ask me, he told me like he was forcing it because he knew I would say no and I did say no.

I told that I was not comfortable with his wife especially her meeting Lily and Lily doesn’t even know her that much and I haven’t even had a proper talk with her before she can see my daughter.

The only thing I knew about this lady was that she did something wrong with my husband knowing very well he’s married and has a daughter and I was supposed to feel comfortable with that.

Meaning David’s “new” wife was in the picture before the divorce.

He then told me that I was making this about me and not Lily, that Lily is child, she doesn’t even know anything yet and he really wants Lily to meet his wife and she also wants to meet her.

It’s pretty clear where David’s priorities lie.

I said to him that if she really wants to meet lily then she has to speak to me first and see how she really is before I can trust her with my baby.

He replied to me by saying that I was jealous and that I didn’t want Lily too see her new family and be comfortable with them and that I was hurting his wife because I wouldn’t let her see her step daughter who is like her own daughter.

But Mom was not having it..

I was done with him and told him if he didn’t want to come then it’s fine it’s not like he paid a single dime for anything for the birthday party and he was crazy for me to say yes to a woman who ruined my marriage and is the reason why my daughter has to grow up with separated parents.

I’m curious what ended up happening in this situation and we all hope Mom and Dad’s drama didn’t ruin Lily’s birthday.

Our friends on Reddit definitely had some thoughts about this messy situation.

The consensus was LILY is the most important person in this scenario…

Source: Reddit/AITA

There’s no obligation for her to be there.

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Some things aren’t really clear… but what is clear is that it’s still not the best time for this to happen…

Source: Reddit/AITA

Hopefully our author and David were able to work through this uncomfortable situation and give Lily the 7th birthday she deserved!

But I’m not holding my breath…

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