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Her Mother And That Side Of The Family Didn’t Come To Her Wedding, So She’s Holding A Grudge And Won’t Meet With Her Mom To Talk It Out

by Trisha Leigh

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Weddings are a big deal, and even if we know and accept in the backs of our minds that they might not exactly be once-in-a-lifetime events, they’re still special.

You kind of expect the people who love you the most to be there.

OP’s mother is married to her stepfather and they have a child together.

My mom remarried when I was a kid and had another kid, Jack, who is currently 15. I’m 23.

Recently, her mother skipped her wedding because the younger brother had an incident.

Anyways, I got married a month ago and it was nice but my mom’s family did not attend. I was devastated but my dad’s side and everyone else made up for it.

When my mom finally contacted me (the night after) she told me that Jack had gotten into an accident a couple nights before (he was with an older friend of his who crashed the car).

He’s physically fine but was pretty spooked and refused to get into the car but they couldn’t leave him alone because they were worried.

Mom said she was going to come by herself or with my step siblings but then there was an issue with the car which was caused by Jack freaking out when they were first getting ready to leave.

She then said she was going to call an uber to get to the wedding but Jack had passed out from the stress so she couldn’t leave because she was terrified something happened to him.

The thing is, it’s not the first time that’s happened.

I understand but if I’m being honest, I don’t know if I believe my mom 100%. She sounded pretty apologetic but I’m still upset that no one let me know.

Apart from my mom, Jack, and my step dad who might’ve been way too preoccupied, my step siblings are all over 16 years old with phones of their own.

Couldn’t they have told me?

Her mom wants to act like nothing happened but OP isn’t feeling it.

My mom asked me if we could meet but I honestly didn’t want to see her in that moment. Though her absence was valid, she’s never at any of my big events because of Jack.

It might be pure coincidence but I just didn’t want to see her. I was and am still upset.

My mom was annoyed by this and told me the world doesn’t revolve around me and I have no right to be upset over her not being there now that I know why.

I told her that I don’t care, I don’t want to see her. In fact I’m very angry at her. She told me that I’m being selfish and that she won’t be contacting me anymore until I apologize because she cannot handle my childish tantrums on top of everything else.

Idk. I think I should’ve just said okay and met up with her but I’m hurt. She still hasn’t talked to me though and she usually doesn’t go through with her threats. AITA?

Let’s find out if Reddit thinks she should forgive and forget!

The top comment says this sounds like a hurtful pattern of behavior.

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This person agrees there doesn’t seem to be much incentive for OP to nurture that relationship.

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You have to accept when people tell you who they are, even if they’re your parent.

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It’s time to take a hard look at the relationship.

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They say OP’s feelings are very valid.

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This incident aside, she doesn’t sound like a very empathetic mother.

Maybe OP would really be better off to go low contact at most.

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