March 19, 2024 at 10:44 am

Her Percussion Massager Had Put Her Life in Danger So She’s Warning People To Never Use One Your Neck

by Ashley Ashbee

Source: TikTok/@sophie.dolce

There’s a reason people say difficult things are “a pain in the neck.”

In her quest to heal “the worst” kink in her neck, TikToker @sophie.dolce used a massage gun on her neck for hours and had to rush to the doctor after.

So what happened?

She had heard that a massage gun is the best solution for neck pain, so she started using it on her neck, below her skull and on her shoulder and back after waking up with intense pain in her neck.

“I’m using it every 30 minutes because it helps temporarily, but the pain comes back. I’m using it from like 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.”

Source: TikTok/@sophie.dolce

But then the site where she had used the massage gun got worse: red, inflamed and even more sore.

By the time she goes to bed, she can barely sleep because the pain is so bad. She wakes up with a lump on her neck and rushes to the doctor.

Source: TikTok/@sophie.dolce

“Don’t you dare ever use a massage gun on your neck,” her doctor warned her, sharing that her other patient had suffered strokes from doing that.

A massage gun can stop the blood flow to your brain. Fortunately that didn’t happen to OP.

Source: TikTok/@sophie.dolce

“My doctor thinks what happened was a lymph node got inflamed from using it so much on that area because I was using it so much.

Fortunately this was the only complication she suffered.

Check out the video…


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Let’s see what people had to say about her video.

This person made a connection between her stroke and her own massage gun use.

Source: TikTok/@sophie.dolce

These commenters got vertigo from using a massage gun on their neck.

Source: TikTok/@sophie.dolce

Some people like this one recommended safe home treatments for neck pain. I alternate ice and heat for mine.

Source: TikTok/@sophie.dolce

I do this with a tennis ball on my neck, too, and it helps my pain so much! It’s called myofascial massage.

Source: TikTok/@sophie.dolce

Do your homework before trying a new therapy!

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