March 8, 2024 at 2:35 pm

Her UberEats Delivery Says It’s Going To Take Over An Hour, And She Realizes The Person Delivering It Is Walking 5 Miles To Her House

by Ryan McCarthy

Source: TikTok/@mannatee00

Nothing is more frustrating than watching the ETA for your delivery driver go up and up. Sometimes you watch as they just sit in a parking lot next to the restaurant.

Sometimes you literally see them make a wrong turn, or get on the highway with your eagerly anticipated wings, Chinese food, or pizza.

But that’s nothing compared to this TikTok from @mannatee00, where she realized the wait time for her UberEats was so high because her driver was WALKING to her house with the order!

Check it out!

Source: TikTok/@mannatee00

Tay’s video starts with her and her boyfriend waiting for their food to be delivered, but they point out there’s one glaring problem: their “driver” is walking!

“We have a guy walking, he’s 84 minutes away. He’s walking four and a half miles from Wingstop.”

A notification on the bottom of her screen confirms that yes, “BRUCE is walking.”

Source: TikTok/@mannatee00

She goes on to say “We’re currently on the phone with UberEats right now.”

But her attempts to get a different driver were ultimately unsuccessful.

“They’re trying to tell me that they’re going to fine me if I cancel this order! I ordered food an hour ago by the way!”

And while their wings were getting soggy and gross in Bruce’s hands, all they could do was wait.

Source: TikTok/@mannatee00

Then we hear an UberEats customer service representative tell them “If I go ahead and cancel the order, you will be charged.” To which Tay’s boyfriend immediately replies “No.”

They clarified they weren’t mad at poor Bruce, but rather mad at UberEats itself!

“This is crazy! Why are they letting him walk an hour and a half?”

Source: TikTok/@mannatee00

But it seems like ultimately UberEats was no help at all, because after the representative told them they would be charged for the order if they cancelled, it cut to Tay listening to hold music!

I can understand having someone walk for deliveries in a city or when the distance is short enough that it wouldn’t take ridiculously long, but having someone walk 5 miles?

On top of the inconvenience of having to wait an hour and a half for your food to reach you, by the time you get it, its going to be ice-cold!

At that point, they should have walked to the restaurant and eaten there, at least then it would still be hot (and edible)!

Check out the insanity for yourself.


So apparently, Uber walking is a thing #superbowl #playoff #ubereats #wingstop #hungry

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TikTok was shocked at Tay’s delivery misfortunate, with Wingstop even offering to compensate her!

Source: TikTok/@mannatee00

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Source: TikTok/@mannatee00

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Source: TikTok/@mannatee00

Many took the chance to agree that UberEats has absolutely terrible customer service.

Source: TikTok/@mannatee00

And finally, this user somehow beat Tay out for the most ridiculous delivery driver story.

Source: TikTok/@mannatee00

Delivery driver? I guess in this case this isn’t really the right choice of words!

Poor Bruce, he’s just trying to hustle any way he can! #justiceforbruce

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