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His Boss Told Him No Water Breaks Even Though The Temperature Was Boiling. An Hour Later He Woke Up In An Ambulance.

by Trisha Leigh

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Federal regulations state that employees are entitled to water breaks if they work outdoors in extreme temperatures, etc etc etc.

Apparently, some employers – or at least, some managers – aren’t aware they can get into trouble for denying such a small request.

OP has a condition that makes heat particularly dangerous.

I work in the boat industry as a engine tech and parts painter. I know, quite a broad range right there. Anyway, the company I work for is quite old and the building I work in is even older.

The heating system is trash and we really lack anything in the way of air conditioning, and it’s boiling outside right now.

Earlier today, I had started overheating really quickly as the temperature rose in the building.

I have a medical condition where my body can’t regulate temperature well, meaning I am at risk of passing out.

Still, his manager told him to go back to work because it wasn’t time for a water break.

I was going to go get a bottle of water from the fridge to help me cool down, when I was stopped by one of the company’s managers. Let’s call him Kyle for this story.

Kyle: Where are you going?

Me: I was only going to go get some water.

Kyle: You’re supposed to be working right now. You can get the water during the coffee break.

Me: I.. I don’t think you understand that I can actually be in danger from this heat right now. So, could I please go get one bottle of water?

Kyle: No. You’re not authorized to leave your work before the clock strikes. Now shut up, and get back to work.

Me: Roger that..

So, he went back to work.

Keep in mind that this conversation was held in front of my coworkers. Cue malicious compliance.

I got back to work, making sure to put on some extra coal, just to make sure I “made up for lost time”. Basically I was forcing my body into shock and heat stroke was just around the corner.

Fast forward around 30 minutes, I had to tell my coworkers through my strained breath that I don’t feel too good. Which was actually even worse now, as I was working on deck of one of these boats, give or take 3 meters above the floor.

The inevitable happened and he’s lucky he wasn’t badly injured.

When I made my way towards the ladder to climb down I only got out a very strained “Oh… Crap…” as I fell off the back, and was headed straight for the concrete floor below me.

Lucky for me, some coworkers reacted fast enough and managed to catch me before my head was split open on the floor.

I woke up in an ambulance around an hour later. The EMTs were checking my vitals and were actually helping me.

My boss came up to the door and asked me what happened. I told him exactly as I told you guys, and I also told him to check with my coworkers if he didn’t believe me.

Long story boring, I was brought to the hospital for a check up just to make sure I actually didn’t suffer any kind of trauma from the fall. A buddy of mine came with me to make sure I got there and back safe.

Now, he figures his boss deserves whatever he gets.

A few hours passed, and my buddy got a call, he picked it up, and it was Kyle. My buddy handed me the phone, and I heard Kyle on the other end apologizing for actually almost getting me k—–.

The short version is that he was heavily reprimanded for what he told me and was put on watch. Didn’t lose his position tho so I guess I didn’t fully win. But he was liable for the medical compensation for my situation.

I did forgive him and just to rub it in a bit, I just had to ask him. “Am I authorized to get water next time?” And my buddy just laughed.

I already got OSHA on the line and they’re launching an investigation into this. So. If nothing else, I just made Kyle’s week even more horrible.

So. In a way. He kinda deserved this. OSHA will have a field day with his actions.

The top comment says he has the law on his side.

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It’s totally a thing.

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Some think OP should go for revenge.

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Overall, employers really don’t value employee health like they should in the US.

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People had some good advice, too.

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Look, I get the malicious compliance, but…he could have died.

Kind of seems like too big of a gamble.

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