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His Pastor Preaches Generosity But Wouldn’t Pay Him For A $60 Repair Bill. So He Dug Up Some Crazy Dirt On Him And Made Sure Everyone At Church Found Out.

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Pexels

It’s always so disappointing when you hear stories about religious leaders who aren’t living up to the expectations people have of them.

And it’s even worse when you find out that they’re up to incredibly shady stuff…

Check out what happened when this guy found out that his local pastor wasn’t exactly what he appeared to be…

Pastor lies cheats and steals. He gets exactly what he deserves.

“The cast

  • Pastor Bob
  • Contractor
  • Me

I have been a computer technician for more than 15 years. I have worked on all kinds of computers. Everything from tiny point of sale computers to large rack server computers.

I had been attending a new to me church. I was trying to date a woman there this church was her idea. That relationship crashed and burned but that’s a different story.

Now we can start.

The church was in need of some repairs.

It was about 5 years ago. I had just sat through a long sermon about generosity and giving to those that need help.

At the end of the sermon pastor Bob asked for an additional donation because the church’s roof needed repairs. And it would cost $20,000 US dollars.

After the service I’m talking to my date. Pastor Bob walks over to me. I said hi and he introduced himself. We talked we talk a bit.

Pastor Bob asked what I do for a living. I tell him I’m a computer tech with a shop. As I’m telling him I have a feeling he already knows what I do. Pastor Bob asks me to have a look at his laptop.

I turn the laptop on and I hear a clicking noise. This clues me in it’s probably the hard drive. But I can still access the data.

This is a good thing because it means I can probably recover the data.

So, I tell pastor Bob the hard drive is going and it needs to be replaced.

He was being nice.

I also tell him I can probably recover the data. Pastor Bob asked how much it would cost to fix. I tell him for most people I would charge around $250. However, I feel I can donate my time so I would just need $60 for a new hard drive.

Pastor Bob agrees so I write up an invoice. New hard drive $60 labor $0, data recovery $0, and 2 to 4 days for repair. pastor Bob signed the invoice. Thus, I take the laptop to my shop.

I open the laptop. HP why do you use so many screws and clips. I get the hard drive out and connect it to my recovery rig. I set up the recovery to clone the data to a new hard drive. But not the new one for the laptop. A high-end storage drive. I go home after locking up the shop.

Next day Monday I open the shop and check the recovery rig. It’s working but it will take at least 10 more hours. So, I start work on the other tickets. Then at closing time I lock up and go home.

Next day Tuesday, I’ve had Pastor Bob’s laptop for 2 days. I open the shop and check my recovery rig. Good news recovery completed 100 percent data recovered. Report says hard drive developed to many bad sectors. Now I have a choice to make.

I could put a 1 TB hard drive $60 or a 120 GB SSD $60. or I could pay some money myself for a 240 GB SSD $100.

I decide why not and put the 240 GB SSD in the laptop. I then clone all the data over from the new recovery storage drive to the new 240 GB SSD.

An hour later the clone is done.

So, I check everything the laptop works great and is exactly like how it was before the first hard drive ****. Even the logins still worked.

Therefore, I call pastor Bob and tell him his computer is done. He says that’s great he will be here soon to get it.

That’s a pretty good deal!

About 45 minutes later pastor Bob walks in. I show him his laptop working and much faster. He loves it and signs the pickup form. He then pays me with a check for $60.

It’s important he paid with a check. I do a bank run on Monday and Friday.

So that Friday at the bank. I am informed that pastor Bob’s check is void, what? Why?

Pastor Bob had placed a stop payment on the check. Consequently, I called him and he ignored my call.

I go to church on Sunday. Pastor Bob gives a sermon about not lying. I walk up to talk to him and he avoids me. So, I leave and decide I’m going to write it off. I spent $100 and some time to do something nice.

A few weeks later a customer walks in looking for a new computer. To welcome him I offer him a drink and go over his options. I’m chatting him up and he tells me he is a contractor he mostly does siding and roofing.

He is thinking about offering solar. That’s why he is getting a new computer. I ask how much does a new roof cost. He says up to about $10,000. So I ask him why would someone say $20,000. He had no idea.

I thought it was strange. I asked about the church.

Contractor said it would have been simple and around $5,000. And he could probably do it for less. Contractor buys a nice new laptop.

They were concerned about this…

Something about what the contractor said bugs me later. Why would pastor Bob lie and say $20,000 for a new roof. And why would he stiff me for $60.

I then remember I never cleared the recovery rig storage drive. I check and there it is pastor Bob’s laptop data.

I look around, it’s slow and I’m all caught up on repair tickets. Fittingly I look around a bit. He had all of his logins stored in a folder on the desktop. Including his online dating logins. And online poker.

Uh oh…

Did I ever mention pastor Bob is married? I start printing his online dating messages. I look back and find pastor Bob had been adult hugging several women from his online dating. He had been paying for his dates from the church’s donation fund.

I am getting angry now.

Then I realize he had adult hugged the woman I was dating when I was dating her.

It was then I decided to break pastor Bob. I printed out all his dating messages and the women he adult hugged. For the last 6 months except I refused to print the naughty pictures. It was an impressive packet. I then decide I need copies of the packet.

Therefore, I order 100 packets printed from a major online printer. A few days later my order of revenge packets arrived. These revenge packets are amazing double sided. Staple bound, with a cover with pastor Bob’s face on it.

Now the conclusion and I think it’s worth it.

This should be good…

This church had a calendar of what the sermon might be about a perfect Sunday was approaching. I go to church that perfect Sunday. I show up a bit late. Everyone is in the church so I put a revenge packet on each car.

I have a few revenge packets that are in yellow envelopes. Fittingly I put them in the mail. I sent one to all the high ups in the church. and I sent a special packet with some of pastor Bob’s naughty pics to pastor Bob’s wife. I set the return address to the church. I also emailed a bunch of people the revenge packet from a burner email.

A couple weeks after I went back to that church. Pastor Bob was gone so was the wife. several of the women were also gone including the one I was dating. I asked one of the important people there. What happened? The answer was amazing.

I was told about the revenge packet and how everyone had gotten one. The day my revenge packet appeared. The sermon pastor Bob had given was about the evils of adultery and cheating on your wife. Thank you, church calendar.

The fallout

See ya, Bob!

Pastor Bob was fired and shunned. Multiple women from the church have not returned including the one I was dating. Pastor Bob’s wife is divorcing him. And she is the one that owned the house and cars.

Pastor Bob is now being sued by several people including the one that fixed the roof. He never paid any of them. There were also rumors of a criminal case for embezzlement.

No one has seen Bob in a while now. The church might close if they can’t find a new pastor. But the church’s money is very low. Apparently, he also spent over $30,000 on online gambling.”

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Well, well, well… if it isn’t the consequences of your own actions!

I can’t think of a story recently where somebody deserved revenge more!

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