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His Son Wasn’t Happy With The Dinner Served At A Friend’s House, So Dad Left to Get Him McDonald’s. Now His Wife Is Angry Because It Was Rude To Leave.

by Matthew Gilligan

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Who’s up for a Mickey D’s run?!?!

That’s not usually a question that would offend anyone, but this story has a twist in it that made it go off the rails…

Was this guy a jerk for what he did?

Get all the details below and YOU be the judge.

AITA for leaving dinner to get my son McDonalds, even though food was served?

“A friend of my wife’s invited my family – my wife (29F), our son (5M), and I (26M) – over for dinner with him (30M) and his daughter (5F).

As long as we’ve known him, this friend has kept to a very strict diet, which has almost always led to us eating over at his place, but he is an excellent cook so I’ve never minded. We have not, however, seen him since both of our children were infants.

Dinner was served…

For dinner, we were served salmon with quinoa and arugula. My son is very mild for a 5-year-old – he throws tantrums very rarely and is the opposite of a picky eater, but I could tell from how he was acting that he was not vibing with this meal.

He was picking at his plate, shuffling food, and while he did try the salmon, he didn’t seem to like it. I asked him if he was happy with his dinner and he said no, he wasn’t.

I basically said, “Haha, kids, right?” and asked if there was anything else for my son to eat. My wife’s friend said that his daughter just eats whatever he makes, so he doesn’t keep “kid food” around the house.

My wife said it was fine, our son would be fine. While he is a mild kid, he definitely gets hangry and this was the beginning of our night, so we anticipated being there for an additional hour or two.

I’ll be right back…

I said that our son needed to eat so he’d have energy to play and apologized, saying I’d be gone for just a few minutes, picking something up for our kid. My wife’s friend seemed irked, but said he’d try and keep my plate warm.

I was gone for about 30 minutes, came back with a Happy Meal – ordered extra fries in case his daughter wanted any, which she was not allowed to have.

By the time I was back, dinner was winding down. My son ate his meal, we had dessert, and he went off to play with his friend.

Not everyone was cool with this…

It was definitely a hiccup in the night, but things went fine. We had a good time, but my wife was definitely cold with me.

When we got home (3 hours after dinner), she told me that I was a jerk at dinner for no reason.

I pointed out that if I hadn’t gotten our son dinner, he would’ve been a monster the entire way home, to which she replied that we would’ve left earlier.

I said I was just looking to solve the problem as it happened and that if her friend had been more accomodating, we wouldn’t have been in the situation in the first place.

She got offended on his behalf and we decided to just go to bed because we clearly were not getting anywhere. It’s been two days since, things are still stilted between us, and I’m not sure where I went wrong.

AITA for leaving dinner to get my son food, even though dinner was served?”

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Did he mess up…?

Or was this really no big deal?

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