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Man Inherits The Family Property From His Grandpa, But When His Cousin Wants To Have Her Wedding There, He Flat-Out Refuses

by Ryan McCarthy

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It’s a sad fact of life that nothing divides a family faster than the reading of a will!

Suddenly distant family members who haven’t seen the deceased in years are popping out of the woodwork wondering what their cut is gonna be.

And often, many people aren’t too happy with what they got, or more accurately, what they didn’t get!

Well unfortunately that was the case when this user inherited the family property, but things got even more contentious when he refused to let his cousin use the property for her wedding!

Check it out!

AITA for refusing to allow my families property (willed to me) be used for my cousins 2nd wedding?

I (27M) am the owner of a property that was formerly my grandpas home.

My grandpa was a farmer and he had this awesome property built whenever my mom and her sisters were in high school.

This was the family house, which my grandpa also built a giant garage on which my cousins have been using as a reception hall the last few years for their weddings.

When my grandma died, my grandpa and I started hanging more and I worked at the property since I was little. I am the only grandson he had.

All my cousins on my moms side are girls. In 2018 my grandpa passed away and I was left the property. This caused a bunch of drama amongst the family.

But there was a very specific reason OP had received the property instead of his family.

But I know exactly why my grandpa did it. My grandpa was not a perfect person. He was very old fashioned. Hated divorce and was very traditional.

His beliefs clashed with his daughters. He wanted to hand his farm down to a son. He didn’t have any and none of my aunts married the type of dudes he liked.

So I became the de facto option. My grandpa especially disliked how my aunts were in their relationships cause he preached commitment.

That man loved and was loyal to my grandma.

So when OP’s cousin planned to use the property for her wedding, OP wasn’t thrilled.

My cousin (28F) is getting married this fall. I’m at my parents house and my aunt goes “well the reception will be at the house”.

I told her nobody has talked to me yet. She said that since every other cousin had their reception there it should be a tradition.

I said sure but they all asked me and I wanted them there. Her daughter didn’t ask me and I don’t support the wedding.

It’s really legit reason. This is my cousins second wedding. I’m not even close with her. We differ politically so I have her muted on social media.

I didn’t even know she was engaged. Me and this cousin hardly speak.

And OP said this marriage went against everything his grandpa stood for.

Also this is her second marriage. She cheated on her first husband with this dude. Who was also married at the time.

My grandpa would never approve of that or want that on his property. Also I would have to be involved in the set up and clean up if it’s at the house.

I don’t care to sacrifice my time. If she wants to rent the property and my time, then she can pay me a premium for the short notice.

But I’m not doing it for free. I explained this all to my aunt and my cousin.

OP’s aunt was, unsurprisingly, not pleased with his decision.

 They both threw a fit and tried having my mom talk to me. She tried pulling the family card and a guilt trip about my cousin having no money.

I said my cousin has no money because of her divorce. It’s a sham wedding and her dad wouldn’t support it and she knows that.

There was a reason that her dad didn’t trust the property to his own kids. I said all my other cousins have been good people so I was willing to help. But this cousin and aunt are rude.

My mom said I won’t be invited to Christmas most likely then. I said okay find another venue while you are at it (the house is the hangout spot for Christmas).

My dad is calling me a jerk but I need to a fair judgment. AITA?

This is one family meeting I would not want to be a fly on the wall at!

Seems like grandpa really wouldn’t have supported this cousin’s marriage, but it does feel a little slimy to let everyone else use the property for their wedding but her.

Reddit wasn’t sure who to blame, considering everyone in this story seemed like a jerk!

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But many said while cheating is never okay, OP didn’t even really seem to care that much about it.

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But others defended OP, saying he never said he shared the same views as his grandpa.

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And this user said that regardless of any sort of politics, nobody asked OP in the first place!

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And this commenter agreed, saying she doesn’t have to beg OP to use the family property, but she does at least have to ask.

Source: Reddit/AITA

I’m sure this year’s family reunion will be all sunshine and rainbows, but at least it won’t be at OP’s house!

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