March 31, 2024 at 4:31 pm

Medical Problems Cause Husband To Wet The Bed, But He Refuses To Wear Diapers. So His Fed-Up Wife Humiliates Him In Front Of Their Children.

by Ryan McCarthy

Source: Reddit/AITA/Pexels

Some medical problems don’t just take a toll on your physical health, but your mental health too.

Problems like adult incontinence leave people who suffer from it feeling embarrassed and out of control of their own body.

On top of that, it can lead to uncomfortable situations in public with their family and friends.

But all that considered, there is no excuse for this user’s husband’s behavior!

After health issues left him incontinent, he refused to wear a diaper which resulted in OP losing her temper and berating him in front of their kids!

Did she go too far? See for yourself!

AITA for showing the kids what their dad did?

My husband was staying at the hospital for some health issues. After he got out he started wetting the bed every few nights.

We talked to the doctor about it and they gave us meds but they take time so they suggested that my husband use adult diapers temporarily.

He said no, and since he’s too sick to do anything then I’m the one having to clean up every time.

I grew tired of it. He just kept wetting the bed and not even considering diapers at this point.

But after one morning too many of waking up to wet sheets, OP decided to let her husband have it.

Yesterday morning was my final straw…

I saw that he’d wet the bed again and I just kind of went off.

I kept talking but it’s like he wasn’t hearing me at all because he just kept staring at the wall.

But soon OP’s children came to see what their parents were fighting about.

The kids heard the fuss and came in asking what was going on. I showed them the state the bed and sheets were in and said:

“See, your dad keeps wetting the bed and throws a tantrum when asked to wear a diaper”.

They stared and my husband looked shocked. He had them leave the room then said I shouldn’t have done that.

In my defense I wanted to defend myself because I thought it was unfair when the kids accuse me of yelling at their dad “for no reason”.

But OP’s husband said she completely demeaned him in front of their kids.

He said I humiliated him in front of his kids and made him feel terrible.

I told him he can be less embarrassed and feel less terrible when he stops wetting the bed like he was a child.

He started crying saying he’s struggling with his health and said that I was being cruel and descendant towards him.

And that now, I’m “trying” to turn the kids against him as well as shame him in front of them.

When OP’s sister came to visit, she said she understood OP’s pain, but she still went to far.

My sister visited and when I vented to her about it she said she understood but I was still in the wrong for getting kids involved.

I’m feeing conflicted on whether I did the right thing maybe to get him to understand how this has been affecting me as well.

AITA for this?

No one wants to wake up in a wet bed, but saying all that in front of your kids definitely crossed a line.

Reddit was split on this one, but this person was sure on one thing, family members shouldn’t be caregivers!

Source: Reddit/AITA

And this user said the husband’s behavior was ridiculous when there’s any easy solution to stop making a mess.

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And this user said even if he didn’t want to use diapers, there were other options he could consider.

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This caregiver said she couldn’t imagine how frustrated she would be if her family member refused to wear diapers after so many accidents.

Source: Reddit/AITA

And finally, this user said the only problem in this story was her husband’s ego!


I feel for how embarrassing this is for the guy, but isn’t it more embarrassing to make your wife clean up after you?

Seems like everybody is in the wrong here…

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