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Military Mom Insisted On Respect From Her Kids, So They Went Overboard And Made The Whole Situation Completely Heartwarming

by Trisha Leigh

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Military parents have a reputation for being pretty hard-nosed at home, too. Usually, they just want the best for their kids.

Sometimes, though, they go a bit overboard.

OP has a military mom like this.

My mom is in the Military and sometimes when she gets upset I have to only reply with “yes Ma’am” and I can’t leave until i do so.

It’s not the end of the world but a minor pet peeve, later on me and my sister got an idea.

So, he and his sister devised a plan.

When she starts going off on us lets salute her and as aggressive as we can yell out “MA’AM YES MA’AM” for a month straight, even going as far as saying random pledges and singing military songs when she’s in her military uniform.

I rarely see her with it on because she’s quick to take it off when she gets home.

She hates having to stop what she’s doing so people can thank her for her service so she would go home, change, and then go to where she needed to be.

It had unintended – and amazing – consequences.

5 Months in she’s going off at us with pure anger in her eyes and when she asked if i’m listening I say “yeah mom, I am” and when she got mad at me because I didn’t say “Yes Ma’am (the normal way).

I along with my sister looked at each other and understood the assignment we proceeded to jump out of out seats, put our hand on our foreheads, straightened our backs and yelled as long and as loud we could from the depths of our souls yell “MA’AM YES MA’AM”.

She lost it then started laughing until tears, she started saying “I’m sick of this s—, I can’t take it anymore, STOP!” while still laughing.

Me and my sister start laughing too.

A once angry mother now laughing her heart out because of a stupid inside joke her kids made.

She now rarely requires us to say yes ma’am when she’s mad on the off chance that we will salute her again

It doesn’t work out so well for some people.

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Hopefully she learned not to bring her work home.

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Not all military families are sad about it.

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It could honestly go either way.

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Kids can teach us so much.

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Personally, I love this story.

All moms need their kids to remind them not to take life so seriously sometimes.

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