March 29, 2024 at 7:31 pm

New Neighbor Won’t Stop Filing Ridiculous Complaints Against This Couple. They Decided to Ruin His Sleep Until They Move Out.

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA

Bad neighbors are like cockroaches…

They’re everywhere and they can never fully be eliminated.

But what you can do is fight back, like this couple did!

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My new downstairs neighbor made the manager harass me. I hope he likes being woken up at 2 am every night.

“I’ve lived in the same apartment with my boyfriend for almost 4 years. It’s not the best apartment but I love the location.

I’ve never really had any problems here, I’m a quiet neighbor that stays to myself.

There’s a new neighbor…

My new downstairs neighbor has made several stupid complaints. Like complaints me running my garbage disposal.. But the most recent one was ridiculous.

He went and told management that there’s been issues with my balcony. I got a call last week asking if I’ve been throwing anything over my balcony. I told the manager absolutely not.

There’s plants down below so I had dumped a water bottle off into the plants before but that’s not harming anyone.

What’s the big deal?

Because of this call I went out to my balcony to investigate. I noticed my flower vase had fallen over and some water may of spilled down.

Not too big of a deal.

There wasn’t too much water in the vase when the wind knocked it over.

I think this is the end of that silly complaints but I was wrong. The weekend passes and I get a nasty notice on my door. The notice said it was a pet violation for not picking up after my dog $50 fine.

And stating I’m at risk of getting my lease terminated because of my violations.

Wait a second…

The only problem is… I don’t have a dog!

I emailed the property manager and said “I do not have a dog. Therefore I’m not paying this fine”

She sends back a RIDICULOUS email stating that she’s received SEVERAL complaints (I only have one downstairs neighbor) about urine coming from my balcony, so she ASSUMED I was letting my dog (that I don’t have) pee on my balcony.. then she says since I don’t have a dog that means me or my boyfriend are peeing on our balcony!!!!

And that I’m still in violation of my lease! This was just comical at this point.

My boyfriend and I have NEVER done this. We’ve never had any complaints in our 4 years here. It just so happens as soon as I got a new downstairs neighbor the complaints came rolling in.

It was time to play rough.

Here’s where the petty revenge kicks in.

I work night shift so I don’t go to bed until around 6am. Every morning around 6 am I hear my new neighbor leaving for work.

My boyfriend and I decided to incorporate a new 2 am workout when I get home from work consisting of jumping jacks, running in place and all sorts of fun stuff just for my lovely downstairs neighbor.

I’ve informed the leasing office that I won’t be renewing my lease in December due to this.

The next 3 months for my new neighbor is going to be hell. I hope he enjoys it.”

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