March 2, 2024 at 6:41 am

‘So not even McDonald’s workers can afford it?’ – Former Corporate Chef Says McDonald’s Admits They’ve Turned Away From Value Customers

by Chris Allen

Source: TikTok/@chefmikeharacz

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As if this economy couldn’t drop any more buckets of salt in the open wound that is the inflated pricing everywhere we turn, now there’s this.

This, being a once-trusted fast, easy, cheap place to turn to grab a late night snack, breakfast on the go, or a kid’s meal:



Not anymore, at least in terms of ‘cheap’, because of course, it’s post-Covid. What else is new?

And one former corporate chef of that dining establishment, named Mike, has actual, real world, proof.

Source: TikTok/@chefmikeharacz

He begins by just getting straight to the point.

“In an earnings call this morning they fully admit that they are losing the value customers,”

More specifically, “…those who are making $45,000 a year or less.”

So they admit they’re losing diners who are looking for a ‘value meal’.


Almost like THEY used to provide meals of that exact kind.

But where are they going?

Source: TikTok/@chefmikeharacz

They tell us!

“They are losing them to the grocery store!”

They admit you can just go to the store and make the exact same thing.

For cheaper! Than McDonald’s!

Source: TikTok/@chefmikeharacz

The frustrating part of it seems to be that they’re still profitable.

Even by shunning the very customer base who made them so successful:

Those looking for value.

“…Middle class and higher class people are still going to McDonald’s”

Check out his breakdown here:


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Let’s see what folks had to say about this frustrating turn of fast food events.

One person noted that not even the employees will be able to afford it.

Source: TikTok/@chefmikeharacz

Hey, one person is totally looking at this as glass-half-full.

Source: TikTok/@chefmikeharacz

While another commenter remembers the good ‘ol days… from THREE friggin years ago…

Source: TikTok/@chefmikeharacz

I’ll order a double no-thank-you meal.

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