April 24, 2024 at 4:33 pm

A Bartender Was Needlessly Rude To Them, So They Made Sure To Pay In Coins To Ruin Their Day

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@raddfilms

Some bartenders can be so entitled

In other words, they’re TOTAL JERKS.

And that’s why it’s so satisfying for those particular barkeeps to be put in their places from time to time.

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The one time I was rude to a bartender.

“This took place around 15 years ago. I was out with a bunch of colleagues and we were at a pub in the city we all lived in.

Two of us went up to the counter where the bartender was on the phone.

We get it, they do need to take phone calls from time to time. It could have been someone who wanted to make a reservation or something like that, and it wasn’t a busy time of the evening.

She was pretty rude…

However, instead of signaling to us that she would be with us in a minute (like, make eye contact and hold up a finger), she gave us a look as if we were disturbing her and then demonstratively turned her back against us and kept talking.

Since no one else was there to serve customers, we had to wait for her to finish the phone call. When she did, she went over to us, rolled her eyes at us and with an annoyed tone said “Yes?”

My co-worker ordered a beer and got that. I asked for a Smirnoff Ice. She scoffed and said, this time in a very condescending tone, “we dont sell that kind of soda-inspired beverages here, you know”. I said “alright, I’ll just have a coke then”.

Wow, how nasty!

Once again she rolled her eyes and gave me a coke, that she kind of slammed on the counter a bit from me so I would have to lean over or take a step to the side to reach. I decided to take a small revenge on her rudeness.

I usually don’t carry cash, but this time I actually did, and it was all coins. So instead of paying with my card as I usually would, I used the coins instead.


I held them in my hand but just as she reached for them (once again with an eye roll), I slightly twitched my hand so the coins fell in different directions over the counter.

Oh, the look she gave me!

My co-worker applauded me and we left the place as soon as we finished our drinks.”

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