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Daughter Teaches Dad A Lesson After He Tries To Eat The Gift She Got For Her Husband , And Ends Up Scaring The Pants Off Of Him

by Ryan McCarthy

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Everyone loves to pull a good prank, especially on family members.

Seran wrap under the toilet seat, a good stick of electric gum, I mean, even a classic whoopie cushion is bound to get a good laugh from everyone!

But sometimes pranks are good for more than just a laugh, they can teach someone a much needed lesson!

And that’s exactly what this user did to her Dad, who was known for eating other people’s food.

When she brought home what looked to be an expensive box of gourmet jellybeans and told him not to touch it, he soon realized he should have left it alone!

Check it out!

Dad tried to eat a gift I got for my then husband

My late dad had the thoughts that if something was in HIS house, it was HIS.

He conveniently forgot that mom is the one who bought the property and house. Its was actually hers.

Anyways, my then husband and I were living with them because hubby had lost his job due to his boss retiring. I was 6 months pregnant.

One day OP had a special gift for her husband, that she explicitly told her Dad not to touch…

Anyways I bought a special jar that looked like it had gourmet jelly beans in it for my husband.

I put it on the counter and told dad not to touch it that it was a gift for my husband and that I would be right back to wrap it up.

I went to get the supplies and had just come back into the kitchen with the needed supplies. I heard my dad mutter, “Its MY house!”

I didn’t try to stop him as I put my supplies on the counter and just watched him. He smirked at me and should have realized something was very wrong.

Mom who was there drinking her coffee, smiled. She knew but kept her mouth shut.

But the jar was definitely NOT a jar of fancy jellybeans!

He opened the jar and his high pitched girly scream and the massive jump that caused to fall on his ass had me laughing hard.

I nearly collapsed to the floor. He was then holding on to his chest and breathing hard. A “snake” had jumped out along with confetti.

He glared at me and called me a jerk which just had me laughing harder.

Mom told him, “When she tells you not to touch something, you should know by now not to touch it. That its meant to scare the crap out of someone.”

“And this place is MY HOUSE SINCE I BOUGHT IT WITH MY MONEY. I just let YOU live in it.”

And so having scared the bejeezus out of her Dad, OP reset her trap for round 2 with her husband…

I cleaned up everything and put it back in and wrapped it up. When hubby got home, he looked defeated. I gave him his gift. His eyes lit up.

And he eagerly opened. I got another girly scream and then he started laughing. Then I gave him the other gift.

I bought 4 bags of gourmet Jelly beans since I know my parents love them just as much as my husband and me. I gave my parents each a bag, one for myself and of course hubby.

I wanted him to not be depressed that he couldn’t find a job just yet. This helped enormously with his mood.

But when OP went to give her Dad his jellybeans, her Mom wasn’t having any of it!

But added to the happy atmosphere was the sudden bickering between my parents. Mom didn’t think he deserved his bag and was demanding that he give it back.

He was telling not to lay her filthy hands on HIS bag and actually hugging his bag to his chest and then growled at her. She gasped in mock outrage.

“You did NOT just growl at me! She tried to snatch it from him and he took off running. She chased him.

My husband and I found that funny especially when dad shouted, “WOMAN KEEP AWAY FROM MY DAMN BAG!!!”

And their antics only made OP and her husband laugh even harder.

I was gasping for air and had tears running down my face and laughed harder when she started cussing him out in Spanish.

I know one was pendejo. I think thats how its spelled.

She lied to dad and told him it was a Spanish endearment.

I, for one, would be perfectly fine getting the pants scared off me for a nice bag of gourmet candy!

Reddit loved seeing her Dad get his hilarious comeuppance, but many people were also left hungry for jellybeans!

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And OP’s Dad’s neglect of his wife’s native language started an entire debate in the comments!

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And that debate reminded this user of a friend of theirs and how she is used as the go-between for her husband’s family.

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Finally, this user excused OP’s Dad’s terrible Spanish by saying some people just aren’t built for learning languages!

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I hate to be the party-pooper here, but do people actually like jelly beans?

They were always the last candy left in my basket on Easter!

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