April 21, 2024 at 5:34 pm

Doctor Wouldn’t Listen To What Kind Of Medicine They Needed, So They Vomited On Him After They Couldn’t Stomach What He Prescribed

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@nci

This kind of thing drives me nuts…

You try to tell a doctor or a nurse something that you know to be true because it’s your body, and they just won’t listen to you…

So, what’s a person to do?

You. might want to take a page out of this person’s playbook next time you’re in a situation like that.

Check out what happened!

When doctors don’t listen…

“For various medical reasons, I have… Idiosyncratic reactions to certain drug combinations.

Every single one is listed in my chart, and most doctors who aren’t my doctor just ignore them. Which is often a bare step below torture.

And then this happened…(and it seems SOMETHING was added to my chart so that my meds interactions would be taken seriously.)

This wasn’t going well.

I’m two days post op, and had actually spent the prior 8 hours fighting with my nurse who is REFUSING to give me my pain meds, because “he doesn’t want me addicted”. (The dose was exactly what I take at home, and I was pretty angry)

So the Dr on call comes in after my 4th call, and listens to both me and the nurse. Yes, it’s oxycodone, but again, it’s my normal dose.

The Dr offers the “compromise” of Percocet (same dose of oxy, added Tylenol).

Come on, man!

I immediately say no, that’s a VERY bad med for me. We spend 15 ish minutes talking past each other, with him trying to ‘reassure’me that it has my correct dose, and me trying to get him to understand my weird reaction to Percocet.

Which, the reaction is to oxy+Tylenol, whether as Percocet or taken individual, it DOES NOT MATTER.

I WILL vomit. Give me phenergrin, give me zofran,I WILL VOMIT.

Dr rolled his eyes and promised me 8mg zofran by IV before the Percocet.

Then stayed by me, trying to get me to switch to them permanently (that’s not even my DECISION, that’s my pain management Dr, but whatever)

They give me the zofran, then have me take the Percocet (it’s a pill)

They tried to tell him!

Five minutes later, I lean over and throw up on this Dr’s $300 shoes (I know that’s their cost, because it’s literally the first thing he says, “not the shoes they cost me $300!”.

I’m not saying I aimed, but that I was trying to avoid making a mess for the orderly, okay?)

And yeah, I absolutely had to throw up twice more (while he watched, to make sure I wasn’t inducing) before this idiot let me have my normal AND ACTUALLY PRESCRIBED meds.

And yes, I filed a complaint (they never go anywhere) but what I treasure is his reaction the third time in an hour that I threw up on his shoes.”

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Why do doctors sometimes act like they’re gods? Ugh.

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