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Driver Gives The Single Tip About How To Get Out Of Speeding Tickets Online. – ‘That’s why they have such a high success rate.’

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@arinekim

There are a lot of “pro tip” videos out there that don’t really offer tips at all.

But this is a useful one that a lot of people need to pay attention to.

It comes to us from a woman named Arine who talked to TikTok viewers about how they can get out of speeding tickets by using a service online.

Arine told viewers, “Basically, when I was driving down from the Bay to L.A., cops pulled me over for going 85 in a 70. Total fine is around $250 in addition to a point on my record, which increases my insurance car insurance.”

Source: TikTok/@arinekim

She said she didn’t want to challenge the ticket because she lives three hours away from L.A., so she decided to figure out a better way to deal with the situation.

Arine said she discovered there were two ways to fight her ticket without having to show up in person.

The first method was trial by written declaration, which entails a judge reviewing a written statement from the person who got the ticket and the officer who issued it. Arine said sometimes the judge decides the driver was not guilty or lowers the fine.

Source: TikTok/@arinekim

The second method Arine talked about was hiring a ticket lawyer. She said a good ticket lawyer in Southern California costs about $100-$150.

She explained, “The one I used is OfftheRecord. I think they have over a 90% success rate where they will actually hire a lawyer on your behalf to fight your ticket. What’s really nice about this option is that it cost me $99. They have a 100% money-back guarantee if they are not able to have either your ticket dismissed or your fine reduced.”

Arine added, “And for these lawyers, dealing with traffic tickets is literally their bread and butter. That’s why they have such a high success rate. And a lot of times, they’ll have a personal relationship with the judge and will be able to help you in that regard.”

Source: TikTok/@arinekim

Take a look at what she had to say.


not endorsing speeding and unsafe driving but ive read reviews where people were going 100+ and still managed to get their ticket dismissed ! Hope this helps 🙂 will update yall on my case ! #arinekim #trafficticket #lifehacks

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Source: TikTok/@arinekim

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Source: TikTok/@arinekim

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Source: TikTok/@arinekim

Hey, it’s better than getting points on your license, right?

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