April 13, 2024 at 7:36 pm

Husband Wanted A Divorce But Didn’t Think About Paying For Health Insurance, So Now He Has To Pay $400 A Month To Get His Wife To Not Divorce Him

by Trisha Leigh

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I think it’s pretty interesting that it’s relatively easy to get married in the United States, but getting divorced can take months and months and thousands of dollars.

Think about it.

OP’s husband wanted a divorce. She did not.

My husband of 25 years decided he wanted to split up.

I unsuccessfully begged him to change his mind, and spent a lot of nights crying on the bathroom floor.

The thing is, she carried the (free) health insurance.

One thing to note is that I carried the health insurance for the family. He is self-employed.

When he wouldn’t change his mind, we filed for legal separation and he moved out.

In the meantime, I got a BANGIN’ new job that covers 100% of the health and dental insurance premiums for the entire family, with a $100 deductible. Sweeeeet.

He is still allowed to be on my insurance, since we are legally separated rather than divorced, and it costs me nothing to have him on my insurance.

So now, he’s paying her to NOT file for divorce so he can stay on her health insurance (and pay for her upcoming vacation).

I am petty as heck. So I charge him $400 a month for something that costs me $0.

He of course is welcome to get insurance on his own in the marketplace, which would probably cost at least 2x that amount for an equivalent policy.

I make sure he knows it costs me nothing, nada, zip to have him on my insurance, and that his $400/ month payment is funding my upcoming trip to Spain.

If you have a legal separation, getting a divorce in my state is just a matter of filing a form and paying $60.

If I did that, he couldn’t be on my insurance anymore.

So he is basically paying me $400 a month not to file for divorce, after not wanting to be married anymore. I love it.

Twist the knife.

The top commenter reminds her to update her will.

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This person thinks divorce would be the best revenge, though.

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But she could always raise his premium.

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They hope she enjoys her vacation.

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From a different perspective, she’s actually being quite kind.

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This guy got more than he bargained for.

But maybe exactly what he deserved.

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