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Her Husband Wants To Give Their Upcoming Baby An Unusual Name, But She Refuses To Go Along With Him

by Matthew Gilligan

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Uh oh… this doesn’t sound good!

It’s another story from Reddit’s “Am I the *******?” page about a couple fighting about baby names…

And this one is a real whopper!

Check out what this woman had to say and see what you think.

AITA for rejecting the worst name ever for our offspring?

“So, my husband (38M) and I (36F) are expecting our first child, a bouncing baby girl due in a few months.

We were both over the moon when we found out the gender, but now things have gotten . . . complicated, to say the least.

This doesn’t sound good…

See, when we first started talking about names, the “boy name” was immediately decided: Stuart Jr., after my husband. No problem there, it’s a classic name and carries family meaning. But, for a girl, things got murky.

My husband suggested Stuarta. No, you’re not having a stroke.

Apparently, his logic is that since Stuart ends in “t,” we can just add an “a” to make it feminine.

She’s not having it.

I tried explaining why that doesn’t quite work, how it sounds more like a furniture brand than a human name, how she’d be endlessly correcting people and explaining its origin.

He’s adamant though, says it “honors” him while giving our daughter a unique name.

I’ve suggested alternatives: feminine names that maybe share a similar sound or meaning to Stuart, names he’s mentioned liking in the past, even just going back to the drawing board entirely. But he’s fixated on Stuarta.

She won’t compromise on this one…

Now, I love my husband dearly, and I understand wanting to honor family. But I can’t imagine subjecting our daughter to a lifetime of awkward stares and endless questions about her “unusual” name. I also worry about potential bullying and the impact it could have on her self-esteem.

So, Reddit, am I the jerk for refusing to budge on Stuarta? Is there any compromise I haven’t considered? Help a soon-to-be mama out!”

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This Reddit user made a hilarious comment.

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One person thinks he might be a narcissist…

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Another person thinks she’s NTA.

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That name is a bit much…

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