April 2, 2024 at 10:22 am

‘It is not that hard.’ – Girlfriend Shows The World How Messy Her Partner Leaves The Apartment When She’s Away

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@sophiegreene_

It’s never easy living with anyone and even if you love them, that can soon sour if they’re too messy!

A lot of the time, unfortunately, it seems to be women complaining their guy’s too messy but occasionally a guy got beef over this too.

But this TikToker will join the army of ladies who’s just about had enough of her man’s mess.

@sophiegreene_ posted a clip on TikTok showing the world the actual scenes at her apartment and it sure wasn’t her who caused this mess!

Source: TikTok/@sophiegreene_

This domestic disorganization was the result of her beau Brett living solo for five days!

Cabinets are left open in the kitchen, his gym bag is lying round, a blanket hanging out on the ground, and the vacuum just chilling there.

Source: TikTok/@sophiegreene_

The bed’s not been, a pillow is laid on the floor and stuff’s just thrown on top of a drawer.

Source: TikTok/@sophiegreene_

“But don’t worry because his shoes are all perfectly lined up,” she told her followers.

She finished in a far from loving tone to her boyfriend: “Brett, if you’re watching this, you’re no longer allowed to call me a mess.”

Ah, isn’t mess meant to show a creative mind though?

Watch the full clip here:



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Here’s what people thought of the clip:

It’s not THAT messy!

Source: TikTok/@sophiegreene_

Our girl’s saying she actually pranked her guy!

Source: TikTok/@sophiegreene_

Is this a game of my man’s better than your man?

Source: TikTok/@sophiegreene_

Clean it up, kid!

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