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Teenage Girl Has To Fight To Keep Her Disabled Dad In Her Life, But Her Mom Wants Her To Replace Him With Her Stepdad

by Chris Allen

Source: Reddit/AITA

Car accidents can cause YEARS of pain, sorrow, frustration, and rebuilding.

They can test the mettle of the strongest among us.

And sometimes they can drive a wedge between the two rocks in your life: your mom & dad.

Well here’s a jaw-dropping story for you.

And the comments just solidify it even further.

AITA for saying I would rather have my dad with me in the hospital than my step and half siblings?

I (16F) was in the hospital until a few days ago because of my heart.

I was born with a heart condition and I got sick again a few weeks ago. They did a surgery and now I’m recovering and already doing way better.

But while I was in the hospital I had a fight with my mom and her husband, but mostly my mom, and I need some perspective on if I’m wrong or not.

The back-story about her dad is utterly tragic.

So BG: My dad was in an accident when I was 6.

He suffered bad brain damage and was not the same person he used to be.

He’s not able to take care of himself, he needs a wheelchair and he had to learn to talk again but that came slowly and after a lot of years.

But that story gets even more tragic.

He has improved in recent years but he’s permanently disabled and he has a bunch of health problems that came from the accident.

My mom and dad were married when the accident happened but after dad was made permanently disabled my mom divorced dad.

He’s taken care of by my uncle, his brother, now. Mom told me it was in our best interest to move on.

My mom ended up marrying a guy called Jason. When she told me she was dating him I called her a bunch of names and did not take it good.

I also didn’t take the news of the divorce easily either. I was so angry. Mom told me it was better for us.

Then a new family began to form.

So Jason moved in and they got married. Then we found out he had a then 4 year old (he didn’t know) and she moved in. Then mom and Jason had two kids together.

One big issue I have is that mom expected me to see Jason as my new dad and she encouraged me to let dad go and instead rely on Jason.

She tried to cut me off from dad but the courts did not like that and even though he doesn’t have custody where I live in his house, I get to see him several times a month per the courts.

As if this could get more shocking or repugnant.

My mom thinks I would be healthier and have a better life if I let Jason be my dad.

Jason told me a few times how much it offends him that I would rather have someone who can never be a dad to me again over him.

I’m not very close to my stepsister or half siblings either. I know none of this is their fault but I don’t spend a lot of time at home and don’t want to be around them because it means being around either mom or Jason.

OP said HUH UH.

My decision. Figure it out.

So anyway, when I was in the hospital and they told me about the surgery, I called my uncle and asked if dad could come and see me and be there for some of it.

My mom didn’t like that and she told me she didn’t want the other kids to see my dad because of the way he is.

I told her they didn’t have to see him but I wanted to.

My mom told me that means my siblings can’t be there and I told her I would rather have my dad than them there. That he’s my dad. I told her I would pick dad over her and Jason too.

I told her she might have declared him worthless because of his disability but he will always be my dad and she better accept it or she’ll lose me.

Mom couldn’t handle it not being about her 100% of the time.

My dad was with me before surgery and when I woke up. Mom is still p****d about what I said. She held onto it until I got home from the hospital but she said my siblings feel so rejected by what I said.


Reading these peoples’ comments only makes you realize just how ugly of a person this mother is.

Like this person pointing out the clear erasure of her father.

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Another person mentioned the forcing of situations onto this 16-year old girl…

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OP chimed in on a comment, and it’s absolutely jaw-dropping, folks…

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One commenter had to heap the praise on this young girl.

What character to stick up to this ugliness, huh?

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Well that’s a jaw-dropper.

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