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They Fired Her Right Before Christmas, So She Made Sure To Leave Them A Gift They Deserved

by Trisha Leigh

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The only thing worse than getting fired is knowing that it means when you wake up the next day you have to start looking for a new job.

Well, getting fired before the holidays has got to be up there, too.

This woman took over a position with little help.

I was hired to replace a retiring dispatcher at a local trucking company.

He was expected to train me for his job but over the three months before his retirement he refused to do any training with me.

The industry was down but she did her best to make things run smoother.

As a result, I created my own dispatching software; which sent updates to all my drivers, connected drivers to the shop, coordinated maintenance schedules, and managed all messaging between my drivers and the office.

Once I was on my own I struggled to build clientele and many of our customers left because I didn’t know they existed.

The only feedback I got from the main office was that I was costing them money.

I asked for help and it was refused.

During this time the while trucking industry was taking a hit and work was very hard to find.

I tried to contact a load broker but the office refused to pay for brokerage fees.

After awhile, things started to look up a little.

A year goes by and the software I created is really making a difference.

The shop is happy and the drivers feel like they are being heard; but loads are still hard to find.

Christmas rolls around and at the Christmas party I’m presented with many gifts, the CEO has some wonderful things to say about me and I leave there feeling pretty good.

Then she was fired. Right before Christmas.

The very next Monday I’m called into the CEO’s office and he tells me I’m done.

It’s two weeks before Christmas so they’ll pay me to the end of the month, “But today is your last day”.

I lose all my benefits, retirement plan, and health coverage on the spot.

Merry Christmas.

So, she took the best part of her work with her.

So I’m not feeling great. Cue malicious compliance, part of my severance is giving them access to all the software I’ve written.

Fine, here you go.

However, it doesn’t work if you can’t access the cloud, and the cloud is on my private email. It’s really to bad I had to clean it up.

It seems all the data is gone and the software is useless. Merry Christmas

Does Reddit think she stepped over the line?

Some people just don’t know how to quit while they’re ahead.

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

It was a no-win situation.

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

And they say she was totally within her rights.

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

They also have receipts.

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

Lessons were likely learned on both sides.

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

I love these boss revenge stories.

Because most of the time they just really deserve it.

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