April 22, 2024 at 11:23 pm

Server Wants To Transfer To Be Closer To Her Son’s School, But Her Boss “Didn’t Want To Lose Her” So He’s Dragging His Feet

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@stephaniiiieann

A lot of women have struggled with working hours or location and juggling childcare and your employer tends to either get it and be helpful or the exact opposite.

This young woman says unfortunately, her boss tried to make it impossible for her to transfer job locations to somewhere closer to her son’s school.

Mom @stephaniiiieann took to TikTok to share her experience.

“Want to hear something annoying? I’m about to tell you.”
Source: TikTok/@stephaniiiieann

She says her manager initially okayed her to transfer ,as she needed to be nearer to her son’s school, but then told her he didn’t want to lose her as an employee!

He then allegedly asked could she wait a few weeks.

She said ‘yes.’ So, she kept reminding him weekly, while she continued working as a server.

But he allegedly kept telling her it was unfortunate she was transferring – and then she found she had not been registered to her new location/

She claimed her boss had not requested the transfer.

Source: TikTok/@stephaniiiieann

She claimed she asked her general manager what was up and he allegedly responded he “didn’t want to do it.”

She said she was flattered her boss liked her but of course it placed her in a predicament.

She told her followers she drove to work, demanded he put the transfer through and brought him cookies too.

He ended up doing what he was asked.

Source: TikTok/@stephaniiiieann
“I am grateful that he hired me. I do think [my general manager] is a good person; however, his management skills… could use a little bit of a tune-up.”

Is this actually okay, that a manager decides they like a staff member and just fail to initiate a transfer until they’re kind of pressured into it?!

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Does this count as a server problem? #serverlife #serverprobs #serverproblems #fyp #foryou

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It sounds like she covered her bases.

Source: TikTok/@stephaniiiieann

People angry for the TikToker!

Source: TikTok/@stephaniiiieann


Source: TikTok/@stephaniiiieann

I have a feeling this happens too often.

They have the power and they know it.

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