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Wife Insisted They Get A Pool And She’d Keep Up the Maintenance, But She’s Gone Back On Her Word And He Has To Do Everything

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@margot_pandone

Having a pool sounds glorious, doesn’t it?

You bet it does!

But you have to keep in mind that having a pool is a lot of work…

And, apparently, this guy’s wife didn’t get the memo.

Check out his story and see if you think he’s acting like a jerk about this whole pool situation…

AITA For Expecting My Wife To Do Most Of The Pool Upkeep?

“I (36m) and my wife (35f) purchased our house 3 years ago.

They had an agreement.

When we were in the market for houses, my wife stated that she explicitly wanted a pool.

I didn’t really care too much for a pool, but we had a flexible budget so I guess why not? I requested though, that if we bought one, she would have to do 80% of the upkeep, if not all of it. She agreed.

You know what’s coming next…

Fast forward to now. I’ve done 90% of the upkeep, and my wife had an excuse every time I ask her to help me clean the pool, or check the alkalinity or pH level of the pool, she always “too tired” or “she’ll do it later.”

I let it happen the first couple times, but it’s kind of getting frustrating now.

But luckily, I have two employees that are extremely helpful: My son (7M) and my daughter (6F). Very well paid, no complaints so far.

Yesterday, my employees were using their time off to go to school, so I got to cleaning. Technically draining, but it took long enough that is was just about done by the time my wife got back home.

She still doesn’t get it.

By the time we were heating to bed, I asked her if she could clean it on Saturday (or I could help) but she hit me with the “I’m busy.”

She doesn’t work on Saturday. I got kind of upset about it and told her that she should be doing 100% of the upkeep anyways and I’m going to stop taking care of the pool from now.

She just told me to stop bluffing and went to sleep. Fast forward to this morning, and she doesn’t even want to discuss anything pool related or even anything related with me.


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Come on fam… do what you said!

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