April 5, 2024 at 5:36 pm

Woman Parked Illegally In A Handicapped Spot, So Disabled Driver Called The Cops And Made Her Pay

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@alterego_swiss

I’m gonna go ahead and say right now that this story sounds like a Seinfeld episode to me.

And you’ll see what I mean in just a minute...

This is why you don’t park in disabled spaces if you’re not supposed to!

Check out what happened…

Park Illegally In a Disabled Space, Learn a Very Expensive Lesson.

“I have a disabled parking placard, and a few weeks ago I went to Target to buy things I didn’t need and forget the things I did.

You’ve seen this before…

Not only were all the spaces taken, someone parked their gigantic Escalade on the line between two disabled spaces, taking up both. Wholly irritated because this happens SO MUCH, I walked around the car—no placard or disabled plate.

Cue the fury of a someone who has to deal with this stuff all the time, and cue petty revenge. I took a pic and went inside to find a manager.

This isn’t a new thing.

When I found one, I showed her the photo and she rolled her eyes and sighed. Apparently this happens a lot at their location, because it’s near an affluent town with a LOT of very wealthy, very entitled people, and most often it’s the owners of huge SUVs and F-150s that park like jerks.

She said she’d call the cops, so I decided to go back outside and hang out by the doors to watch the show. The manager joined me and we chatted while we waited for the police.

The cops arrived and walked around the car, peering through the windows and running the plate. One cop took out a little book and started writing in it.

They took some photos and one came over and asked if they’d make an announcement in the store to get the driver outside. The manager radioed someone inside and asked them to announce the make and model and plate of the car over the PA system.

You know what kind of person it was…

A few minutes later, she came charging out of the store.

Middle-aged, well-dressed woman, the Common Karen of North America, and already yelling at the police.

As soon as she got to her car one of the cops held up his hand to shut her up and started lecturing her.

I was too far away to hear, but she stopped yelling at least. That cop spoke to her for a few minutes, and then the other cop with the little book handed her but two papers.

She looked absolutely apoplectic.

She paid for that!

The cops came back over and spoke to the manager, telling her they ordered her to move her car and if she didn’t or caused problems in the store to call them back and they’d tow the car.

They told us they gave her two tickets, for each space—at $500 each.


The manager thanked the police and me and went back inside. The woman stomped around a bit before getting in her car and peeling out.

The cops looked at each other, then got in their cars and followed her. Pretty sure she continued to have the day she deserved.

Meanwhile, I happily treated myself to some LEGOs for performing a public service.”

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Take that, lady!

She had it coming!

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