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A Neighbor Accused Her Of Being Rude And “Playing” With Power Tools. She Shot Back On Facebook, But Her Mom Mother Said It Was “Embarrassing.”

by Trisha Leigh

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I know there’s no guarantee when you move to a new place that your neighbors are going to be nice or accepting.

That said, this guy was so far out of line it’s not even funny.

He managed to come across as a total creep to this young lady temporarily staying with her mom.

AITA for responding to a neighbor on Facebook?

I (22F) am staying at my mom’s house while I’m doing an internship in my home city. She left this weekend, and I’m staying here by myself.

For some context, my mom just moved into a new house in kind of a nobody minds their business neighborhood.

While she was in the garage puttering around and having a drink, a male neighbor popped over to basically insult her.

So I’m out in the garage building stuff for my mom, listening to music, using power tools.

When I’m about 30 minutes in, this man that looked to be about my dads age comes up to me and asks me if I have any idea what I’m doing.

I said yes, and asked him who he was.

He pointed to his house and then asks “and who are you?”.

I tell him I’m the daughter of the owner of this house.

He says “that’s funny, name of old homeowner doesn’t have a daughter.”

So I said well I’m not ____’s daughter, she doesn’t own this house anymore.

He starts getting argumentative, so I decide to just ignore him and keep working. He stands there trying to shout over the tools, but leaves eventually. I

finish up for the day and have a beer before going inside.

She saw him post about the interaction on Facebook and set things straight.

Well yesterday morning, my mom calls me and tells me that there’s a post about me on the neighborhood’s Facebook page that says I was rude, and that my mom was letting some “disrespectful teenager” play around with power tools unattended, and that “underage drinking” was taking place and included “photographic evidence”.

There were a few comments under the post criticizing him for taking pictures of me, but there were also a whole bunch saying crap like “kids these days” etc.

Here’s what apparently makes me an AH.

So, I commented on the post saying “actually sir, I am 22 years old, I work in a shop when I’m up at college, and I was not doing anything wrong. Please delete these photos of me.”

He’s still harassing her and her mom thinks she should have just let sleeping dogs lie.

He messaged me on Facebook messenger calling me an entitled AH and accused me of lying to him, asked to see my ID, threatened to call the cops, then promptly blocked me.

My mom is angry at me because I “embarrassed” her in her new neighborhood and said I should have ignored the post because now we both look like AH’s, and I was pissed because I didn’t think I did anything wrong.

Oh and apparently, this dude’s wife is on the HOA board, so my mom is afraid of retaliation.

If I was a 45 year old man doing the exact same thing, nobody would bat an eye.

I really don’t think I was the AH here, but my mom sure seems to think so, and she will only respond in really cryptic ways to my texts I send her.

Does Reddit agree with Mom? Let’s find out!

The top comment says they would not back down.

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They think her mom is way off base.

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Seriously, what an entitled jerk.

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The male version of “clutching pearls.”

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I definitely think she should take it even further.

Does that make me crazy?

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